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Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by ETG, Aug 27, 2003.

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  1. ETG

    ETG Guest

    I installed SpywareBlaster and set the protections. I am running Windows XP Pro. The day after I installed SpywareBlaster, I couldn't start Acheron's Call (a game played on Microsoft's Game Zone). IE started stopping or failing to load many web pages. On some that did load, the buttons would not work and/or pull down menus were blank. Thinking I might have a worm or virus, I started Norton AV (2003) and found that my auto-protect and email scans had been disabled. I tried to enable them but got errors. I searched Norton's and Mircrosoft's sites and followed all the instructions to insure I did not have a Kilz worm. I also checked to make sure that java scripting was enabled in IE. I unchecked all the protects in SpywareBlaster and restarted the computer. I uninstalled Norton AV, restarted my computer, and tried to reinstall Norton AV. It looked normal up to the very end where it stopped, paused, then rolled back the installation. I tried several times with the same results. After more investigating, it seemed like all my problems involved Java. I downloaded and installed the latest update to IE. Everything looked good. All web pages displayed and the buttons and menus worked. Tried Asheron's Call and it worked - Great! I tried to reinstall Norton AV and it failed - now all my other problems were back. I tried to reinstall the IE update but it would not install because it was already the current version. I uninstalled the update, restarted the computer, and reinstalled the update. This time it did not fix the problems with IE or Asheron's call. Installing SpywareBlaster was the only change to my computer for the last two months. Aaany help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Aug 10, 2002
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    Hello ETG,

    I'm sorry you are having problems... This is an odd one indeed and we haven't seen anything like what you've described before. :doubt: I can see why, based upon the timing that you believe SpywareBlaster is the cause of the problem, but, I think it unlikely.

    You see, SpywareBlaster is actually a very simply program. It provides two forms of protections for people using IE6, the setting of 'kill-bits' (flags) to stop a specific list of ActiveX controls and the blocking in IE6 of a list of specific spyware related cookies.

    In SpywareBlaster's screen, if you press "Deselect All" (1 in image) then "Remove Protection for Unchecked Items" (2), it will clear all the protections the program has set (the kill-bits and cookies blocks), and it will give you the message (3) that it has removed them. The items will all stay unchecked and red highlighted showing that all SpywareBlaster protects have been undone.

    At that point, you could deinstall SpywareBlaster and have your system as it was prior to the installation. There aren't any other settings, modules or drivers, or anything similar integrated into your system. Also, SpywareBlaster doesn't have any Java components, nor does it block or control Java exploits or Java related spyware.

    As to the disabling of NAV, I can't see any way that SpywareBlaster settings could do that. Generally, the only thing that can disable NAV would be some sort of virus or Trojan infection that deliberately disables anti-virus protection.

    If this is the case, you really need to confirm it by doing some independent AV scans. You can start by trying to run one or two of the online av scanners. See this free services page for a list of some of the better ones available.

    If something is preventing NAV from running and from being able to be reinstalled, it is most likely some form of malware. Could you try that and let us know what you find?

    I hope this helps,

    Updated on November 25, 2003 to bring image up to current version of SpywareBlaster - LWM

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  3. ETG

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    Thanks for the info. From your post I am going to remove SpywareBlaster from my list of possible causes. It sounds more like a virus/worm. I will try some of the scans you suggested. I tried the one Symantec provids online and it ran all the way through but when it finished IE displayed the navigation error page. Looks like something is definately disabling the AV software. All the other components of SystemWorks install without a hitch.
    Thanks again.
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