Problem after uninstalling NIS2006

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Jules2, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. Jules2

    Jules2 Guest

    Win XP SP2 3 wk old computer- Norton internet security giving error messages on startup of computer. Computer booted VERY slowly. No Icon in system tray. NIS would not open. Checked for viruses - Computer was infected with x20 Bagle viruses. Cleaned with NOD 32 on workshop machine. Decided to uninstall and reinstall NIS. NIS would not uninstall with windows "Add/remove programs". Downloaded NIS uninstall tool from internet > this looked as if it uninstalled it. Reinstalled NAV - would not register. Uninstalled again, and edited registry to remove all "Symantec" and "Norton" entries.
    Successfully Installed NOD32 > updated > scan > no infections.
    After NIS
    Security centre monitoring for NIS is turned off.
    Activated Windows "Security Centre" - which monitors virus checkers.
    Problem is that the Windows security centre says that there are "two virus checking programs on the computer and one of them is reporting that it is up to date.
    Normally NOD32 will be acknowledged in the Security centre by name.
    No other virus checkers are present.
    How do I get the Windows security centre to acknowledge NOD32 and forget about NIS (which presumably is all uninstalled)o_O
  2. Jules2

    Jules2 Guest

    I see that no-one has replied in two weeks. I think that it is irresponsible of Symantec not to have an uninstall tool that will remove NIS2006 properly.
    What I did do for the computer owner was turn off the Windows Security centre (which is what he was used to with previous Symantec products) so he will be none the wiser. But I still would like any ideas from the forum. There must be a registry entry that I cannot decipher pertaining to NIS that is causing the problem.
  3. Randy_Bell

    Randy_Bell Registered Member

    May 24, 2002
    Santa Clara, CA
  4. Jules2

    Jules2 Guest

    Randy - thanks for your interest and suggestion.
    That was the tool that I used to remove NAV 2006. I followed all the instructions implicitely and it DID NOT remove NAV completely as the Windows security centre still thinks it is there.
  5. Blackcat

    Blackcat Registered Member

    Nov 22, 2002
    Christchurch, UK
    1. If you had used previous versions of Norton, apart from SymNRT, you may also need to use SYMMSICLEANUP , and MSIFIX.

    2. Make sure that the Norton Program folder has been removed. You may need Unlocker to help you.

    3. Use a trial of a good registry cleaner such as RegSupreme and fix what it finds after the end of the scan. Ensure, using the program, that you make a backup before any removal of entries.
  6. Julies2

    Julies2 Guest

    Hi Blackcat
    Thank you for the suggestions and your interest.
    FYI there were no previous versions of NAV or NIS - the computer was only 3 wks old.
    I did remove all the Norton Program folders.
    I edited the registry manually myself removing and 'Symantec" and all "Norton" entries.
    However, I will use a registry cleaner now as well.
    Thanks again.
  7. wildvirus88

    wildvirus88 Registered Member

    Feb 28, 2004
    It's because NIS is a big xeet(!!!)
    I had problems too years ago... Never more!
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