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Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by emailaddress, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. emailaddress

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    Mar 29, 2006
    I am having trouble use push install to windows 2000 professional client. The error appears looks familiar in this forum:
    From the remote install tool status :
    Failure during NOD32 install -exit code -3

    From the client nod32installer.log:
    [2006-03-31 10:09:41.551] Status 1: NOD32 Installer is preparing to install.
    [2006-03-31 10:09:41.561] Status 1: NOD32 Installer is trying to connect to 'server:2224'.
    [2006-03-31 10:09:41.591] Status 1: NOD32 Installer is creating a temporary file.
    [2006-03-31 10:09:41.621] Status 1: NOD32 Installer is downloading an installation package 'NODnt' from server 'server:2224'.
    [2006-03-31 10:09:43.003] Status 1: NOD32 Installer is installing NOD32.
    [2006-03-31 10:09:43.133] Status 1012: Failure during NOD32 install - exit code: -3.

    from the nod32ra.log:
    [2006-03-31 09:52:30.953] V2 [442c8b5b0168] <PUSHINST_WARNING> PushInstaller: Could not uninstall NOD32 Installer service 'NOD32 Remote Installer' (filename '%SystemRoot%\nod32installer.exe') from target computer 'client' (SC error code 10, GLE error code 997)
    [2006-03-31 09:57:51.299] V2 [442c8a2a0160] <SESSION_ERROR> ConsoleProcessRequest: C2S_CREATE_FILE: failed, filename 'd:\Program Files\Eset\RA\Server\packages\NODnt\nod32_98.nip', code 2, lasterror 2

    I have uninstalled the symantec antivirus corporation edition for my testing computers before applied the push installation.
    I also called the local support here in Hong Kong for help and they rather send me a VNC program. I want to see if there are any solution other than remote access for trouble shooting.


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.