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    Oct 30, 2014
    Hi everybody,

    Privoxy is a really nice AdBlocking Software and much more, it can improve privacy, can bypass Anti-Adblock effectively, and it can simulate Greasemonkey, Stylish too.

    Here is Homepage:
    Just download and run Privoxy.exe, change your browser HTTP Proxy to port 8118 and Privoxy will do its job.
    Please support Privoxy to keep this project alive by donating, I feel like Privoxy development state is freezing, hope someone can donate or become developers to support the main developer, seem he is really tired because his solo work with Privoxy.


    I also found a better version from a Vietnamese website, they modified and improved it to do much more thing, it can filter HTTPS/SSL website and a tool called adblock2privoxy inside to convert code (Greasemonkey, Stylish, AdBlock Plus) to Privoxy:!L4MBjCbL!sTCRuhtEh-3Puo4MCVhDMzQBaMc2_LhgiRyojnOvfu8

    - Like the version above, just set your browser use port 8118 as HTTP Proxy and run privoxy.exe, but if you want to filter HTTPS, set your browser's HTTPS Proxy to port 8079.

    Add these lines to .filter file:
    CLIENT-HEADER-TAGGER: tagger4https
    s@Tagged: Proxomitron FrontProxy@$0@i
    Add these lines to .action file:
    And run ProxHTTPSProxy.exe.

    Source: | Google translate to English:
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