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    In Cyberfox Intel x64 Portable, I've been using this since it came out in June and it's been getting some pretty good development since.

    A toolbar button click drops down the panel where all the settings are viewed and there are four profiles. There is currently no method to roll your own profile but whatever you change is remembered between browser restarts.

    No browser restart is needed to effect any changes so you can bang between the four profiles or your toggled preference(s) at will.

    Each preference has a padlock and eye representing security or privacy respectively. A dot means not applicable. States are indicated by green locked padlocks and slashed eyes or gray unlocked padlocks and open eyes.

    Black and white on/off sliders allow for ease of at-a-glance.

    A mouse hover over a preference presents clues.

    The default font size 12 can be changed 10 to 16 in the Extensions' Options.

    Here's a screenie of the Defaults selection. I prefer Privacy & Security which is Full Privacy with the three ...safebrowsing.enabled On. This works for 99.99% of my browsing habits and for the rarely-visited sites broken by Off and/or security.ssl.require_safe_negotiation On, some quick clicks is a temporary fix. The Quick Clicks Fix - always a favorite. :D

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    Thanks, will check it out.