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Discussion in 'Prevx Releases' started by redwolfe_98, Jan 16, 2010.

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    Feb 14, 2002
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    i noticed that, sometimes, when i boot up, prevx does not show up in my "systray", indicating that it is not running.. if i look in "task manager", i can see that, indeed, it is not running.. the one instance of prevx, with user-name "system", is running, but not the second instance, which has my user-account-name.. (normally, if you look in "task manager", you will see two instances of "prevx" running)..

    interestingly, after seeing that prevx wasn't running properly, if i tried to start it manually, by clicking the prevx shortcut, in my startup-list, it would NOT start, which seemed odd, considering that all of the prevx drivers, as well as the one prevx-proscess, with user-name "system", were running..

    i use "system safety monitor" and it can show me if drivers are running, or not, and, after noticing that "prevx" was not properly running, i checked to see if the prevx drivers were running, as they should have been, and they were..

    i thought that maybe this was related to using a limited-user account because the first time i noticed prevx's not properly starting was when i was running as a limited-user, but, today, i booted up in my administrator account and noticed that, again, prevx was not running.. incidentally, when i rebooted, prevx was running, that time..

    i am running: win xpsp3, antivir, kerio 2.15, SSM, RegDefend, Prevx
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