POSSIBLE problem with Anonymizer IP shielding.

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by Ghost, Sep 23, 2002.

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  2. root

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    Feb 19, 2002
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    Gibson uses HTTPS to get your IP. I'm guessing Anonymiser is not messing with HTTPS masking.
  3. luv2bsecure

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    Feb 9, 2002


    Thanks for the heads-up. I went to the privacy forum and read some of the answers. One was on the mark. Others were trying, but had it off a little, like Gibson was able to "slyly" do this while still remaining "legal." This is not, as root said, an Anonymizer problem. All anonymizers, no matter what, must give up your IP to an https site. This is part of the https (secure - ssl) protocol. It is done for security purposes to be able to track any attempted hacks at banks, etc. There's nothing Anonymizer can do about this at all.

    In fact, using most commercial "anonymous browsing services" you will get a big, "Warning! You are entering an unprotected site. This site cannot be anonymized. Your actual IP will be recorded if you continue." Now, that's IF the service even supports the use of HTTPS - many do not for just this reason.

    The slippery wording is interesting on the GRC site. Why couldn't he just say, "I use https which records actual IP addresses for security purposes. You should be made aware of this. If you are attempting to anonymously view these pages, it won't work." Simple! Even the forums themselves are https - I don't quite understand that.

    It's certain things like that why people will question Gibson, and I have on many things. However, credit where credit is due - he did a bang-up job with XPdite. No question about that!

  4. x1x

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    Not true! Anonymizer total net shield masks your ip address in https, even on Steve Gibsons site (including shields up test)
  5. x1x

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    Your Internet connection has no Reverse DNS

    Many Internet connection IP addresses are associated with a DNS machine name. (But yours is not.) The presence of "Reverse DNS", which allows the machine name to be retrieved from the IP address, can represent a privacy and possible security concern for Internet consumers since it may uniquely and persistently identify your Internet account — and therefore you — and may disclose other information, such as your geographic location.

    When present, reverse DNS is supported by Internet service providers. But no such lookups are possible with your current Internet connection address ( That's generally a good thing.

    Client IP:
    Client Host Name: bonnie.cyberpass.net.

    and that`s because anonymizer TNS uses cyberpass for SSH tunnel
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