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  1. Rico

    Rico Registered Member

    Aug 19, 2004
    Hello Everyone, Today my puter was feeling a little sick. The problem was ZoneAlarm 5.x pro. vsmon kept crashing. The solution was rather simple c:\windows\internetlogs\ and delete *.*. ZA had to be re-taught what I like & dislike. Which brings me to my main point. I really have not seen, or heard any reminders or emphasis on checking ports for "Stealth" operation. Note perhaps I just don't get around enough on Wilders.

    Anyway with the new ZA log, re-learning process, I've made several trips to grc.com, shields-up, tested all ports. My puter is all Syealthy. Ok!

    I like Steve Gibsons site, along with his Spinrite program. Anyone have any comments or better places to visit regarding ports? I think all security discussions, should make the presumption that all ports are Stealthy!

Thread Status:
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