PocoMail 4 (email client) - 10/23/2005

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    Jul 12, 2004
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    PocoMail 4

    The new PocoMail gives you serious power over your email, from instant review of your folders via the unique Focus Box, to easy management of your contacts. Instantly create AutoText snippets to use throughout the program, and subscribe to your favourite RSS feeds and Newsgroups to be read on demand or delivered with your email.

    Major changes include:
    - New User Interface
    - Focus Box feature for instant summary of folders and sub-folders
    - Incredibly fast Search feature
    - Improved IMAP functionality via Online Folders
    - New Contacts folder with quick Contact preview
    - Instant Reply feature for quick replies without opening a Compose window
    - Feeds and RSS support, with the ability to deliver feed updates with your regular email
    - New Unicode support throughout the program and more character sets supported
    - Brand new SMTP functionality, with full support for SSL and TLS
    - Newly redesigned Online Folders, Newsgroups and Feeds and RSS
    Many other changes...

    As this is a major update it is available for $29.95 if you already have an old PocoMail license or as a 45-day trial - use the link above to purchase an upgrade. You can also upgrade from PocoMail 3 directly to Barca 2 for only $10 more, from the same page. If you purchased PocoMail since May 1st 2005 then you qualify for a free upgrade to PocoMail 4.

    Enjoy ;)
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Thread Status:
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