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    NICK ADSL UK Administrator

    May 13, 2003
    PocoMail 3.3 Released

    The latest version of PocoMail is now available! Read about the changes in New in Version 3.3, and when you are ready download the latest release from the Download PocoMail page.

    New in Version 3.3

    This update contains many changes to improve the overall user experience in PocoMail:

    Added new QuickGuide
    Added new Import Wizard under Import menu: integrates and simplifies importing
    Added Outlook import support
    Added support for NNTP and NEWS URIs so that PocoMail is registered as the default news reader when clicking on a web link or through Windows (use Make Default under Options to register it); it will allow you to add newsgroups on your default news server, as well as specific news servers and password protected groups
    Improvements to overall application speed
    Improvements to MIME handling
    Improvements to HTML message display and handling
    Changed sorting mailbox index to display selected message after sorting
    Changes to application loading to prevent errors on certain Windows 2003 Server configurations
    Modified %senderfirst% tag to return the full name of the sender when only one name used, as in "Joe <joe@provider.email>"
    Modified formatting of address fields when postal address is fetched by PocoScript to be conformant to postal standards
    Fixed display of certain kinds of remote images when viewing messages
    Fixed custom monospaced font setting not being applied to the message
    Fixed QP encoding sometimes failing on certain messages, several other improvements to message decoding
    Fixed compressing imported mailboxes not showing paper clip icon when attachments present
    Fixed message download problems with certain servers
    Fixed problem that sometimes caused delays when loading large address books
    Fixed pasting images into Styled message instead of using Insert Image
    Fixed Compose window switching to Styled mode when using Insert Image or Paste Styled
    Fixed Scripts window sometimes not displaying name of running automatic scripts
    Fixed email messages with blank sender email address passing certain filter and spam tests that check for known senders
    Fixed several IMAP problems causing IMAP to not work with Accounts Online on certain servers
    Fixed lines in messages starting with "From " having ">From " inserted
    Fixed Outlook "smart" quotes not always being correctly quoted in replies
    Fixed other quoting problems with certain HTML messages
    Fixed some UI fonts still defaulting to Arial instead of Tahoma
    Fixed formatting problems with certain HTML newsletters
    ... and many other improvements and fixes.

    Last Updated ( Sunday, 20 February 2005 )

  2. Eldar

    Eldar Registered Member

    Jul 12, 2004
    Vilvoorde (Belgium)
    Also updated the same day. :)

    Barca 1.2 (build 950)

    Barca - a powerful tool that lets you unite all your important information in one program. Utilize its powerful yet flexible Calendar, Tasks and Planner to schedule events, powerful email engine that makes PocoMail tick, popup Notes to gather information and Diary to keep track of your daily activities; all united with a smart interface that actually encourages you to use the full power of Barca.

    Barca Pro 1.2 (build 950)

    Barca Pro's main goal is to help organize your time and information. It provides rich time management, with integrated top-notch email facility to ensure your work is done quickly and on time. Barca Pro also allows you to share your calendars with other users on your network and coordinate time, people and resources simply and efficiently.
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