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Discussion in 'Prevx Releases' started by guest, Dec 20, 2012.

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    I think the last releases happened in a hurry so maybe you didn't upload new releases first to AV vendors as perhaps normally? - Two of the last versions had a false positive from Avira. I can't remember anymore when that happened before. But in the last days twice on a computer of a relative. They don't know what to do in this case and are worrying they have a virus, so please whenever it is possible upload new releases to AV-vendors first so that false positives are rare again. Thanks. - (Avira is informed now, I think the last fp version a few minutes ago was .93)
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    Sep 14, 2008
    We've never uploaded builds to other AV vendors (nor do they do so with us) but this would probably be worth doing in the future, although we've provided them with the detail for our installations and digital signatures which should be sufficient.
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    Yes, I think it would be worth if all AV-vendors (or at least the big ones) would be working together behind the scenes so that such fp experiences were minimized for all customers that use more than one AV. - If it is clearly Avira's fault (talking about signing etc.) and I think it is ... please kick their behind. :D - If this is now a regular thing believe me: I will uninstall Avira on this computer, not WRSA. ;)

    I myself don't use Avira anymore, only WRSA so I get those help calls out of the blue and I am not always available. ;)

    And signatures really should work. Process Lasso in the past was often fp'ed, but that changed since it is signed (I believe). So strange thing and very incompetent of Avira I have to say. Worst thing is in the popup you can't tell them it's a false positive. I think they have only EXIT or KILL, not IGNORE. - WRSA is much better in this. Also they could learn from Webroot about how to submit files via the software itself. - So keep up the good work, Joe & Co. :thumb:
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