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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by trustedacronis, Oct 21, 2005.

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  1. To the Moderators,

    I want to contribute positively to this forum. As someone who has purchased two Acronis products, I feel I deserve to be heard. Please tell me why my post below was locked then deleted, so I can modify my behavior accordingly:

    "Yes, i am trying to post valuable information to acronis true image users...everything i said was taken directly from posts by tech support or other experienced users...i outlined my experiences and what should be done to preserve the user's data...i used no foul language, no threats, no obscenities, and my advice was on topic.

    "Anyway, to the OP, since the software is defective, visit to get a refund which you deserve since it cost you so much time and did not work as promised. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee where for any reason you can demand a refund, but in your case, they should give you a refund regardless since it messed up your partitions.

    "I don't want to bash Acronis, I simply want to provide the best support possible. As was mentioned in my deleted post, prepare a testing analysis package for your computer to e-mail tech support, and they'll probably get the problem all fixed up in time for the next build. Hope this helps and wasn't offensive or break the Terms of Service or anything."
  2. dscrap

    dscrap Registered Member

    Nov 3, 2004
    I didn't think you were bashing Acronis... You were offering your opinion on my situation and made valid suggestions! Your post should not have been removed.
  3. dscrap

    dscrap Registered Member

    Nov 3, 2004
    Tried to PM you...
  4. Blackspear

    Blackspear Global Moderator

    Dec 2, 2002
    Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
    Then lets keep it at offering support and not running through every thread with telling people to seek a refund.

    This is a support forum, not a soap box…

    Addressed above.

    Not an issue, addressed above.

    Excellent, look forward to your helpful posts.

  5. Bubba

    Bubba Updates Team

    Apr 15, 2002
    @ trustedacronis,

    Your latest post was removed. The moderating of these Forums is ours to deal with and is very much our business. I suggest at this moment if you have any further issues with the moderating of your posts or Wilders as a whole you visit this thread and e-mail or Private Message either of the 2 Admins\Owners of this site.

    I can assure that any other posts similar to what I just removed will dealt with accordingly.
  6. dog

    dog Guest

    To add to what Blackspear has already posted:

    Hmmm ... You never said anything bad eh? Do you happen to remember the rest of the contents of this post you made.
    Sorry to tell you that is the only post that has been removed from public view - Which did contain a threat. Moderating decisions aren't open for debate, so this conversation won't continue. ;)

    If you continue to C&P posts from threads that have been closed they will be removed without notice from this point forward.


  7. This is an outright lie. I only suggested to ONE person that they get a refund since their partitions were messed. Anyway, what business do you have censoring posts about getting refunds? There have been other posts about getting refunds that you haven't moderated, so please tell me exactly why you moderated my post for getting a refund for a single person.

    All my comments were on-topic. I didn't use the forum as a soap box. On what basis are you making such a claim?

    Thank you, you can start by not deleting them as long as they are appropriate (as you have done many times) just because you don't like me / work for a company that gets paid by Acronis.

    And, I see you have even deleted my original post in this thread, even though it was totally appropriate. It seems you don't want anyone to benefit MEANINGFULLY from this forum.

  8. This is totally untrue. Almost ALL my posts have been deleted for no reason except to keep people from seeing the lies of the moderators. Anyway I'm leaving the forum, but this is just absolutely ridiculous.
  9. dog

    dog Guest

    Thank You & Goodbye :)

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