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Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by diesel, May 24, 2004.

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  1. diesel

    diesel Guest

    When i play games on my computer, i like to disable or simply kill off any process related to the AV program, however it doesn't seem as if i easily "disable" nod32 like most other AV programs allow by right mouse clicking on the nod32 icon in sys tray. you have to go into each module, AMON, IMON, and whatever the bleep that other module is and manually stop it. Even then, there is still the nod32 service related process running in task manager.

    Is there a better way to kill the whole nod32 application? (by the way, trying to kill process does not work unless you have manually stopped every service)

    seems to me, that nod32 wasn't designed to be turned off/on easily
  2. Blackspear

    Blackspear Global Moderator

    Dec 2, 2002
    Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
    Do you need to stop Nod32 when playing games, I never have, and nor have the other gamers that I play with/against, though this may be due to fairly powerful systems (P4 2.8GHz, 2 x 256MB DDR RAM, 7200rpm HDD's), saying this, we also used to do the same with Celeron 1.7GHz CPU's, so if you are up in this region of processing power, our experience is that it is not necessary. You may be used to having to do it with other resource hungry AV's :rolleyes:

    Hope this helps...

    Cheers :D
  3. DiGi

    DiGi Registered Member

    Jul 24, 2003
    in the middle of nowhere
    You can disable AMON scanning (by UNCHECKING [x] scanner enabled - do not STOP it)...
    But usualy you don't need it...
  4. Itsme

    Itsme Registered Member

    Jan 31, 2004
    I install all my games in a dedicated folder like
    And I exclude the folder "c:\Games\" from AMON.

    Works fine for me.

    I assume, (correct me if I am wrong), that NOD32 will catch any virus while running the games installation executable when run from a other directory.

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