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Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by jin, Aug 26, 2007.

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  1. jin

    jin Registered Member

    Aug 26, 2007
    hey guys i use win xp sp2 and am using avg right now. i have been reading online and found out about nod32. before i make the switch i would just like a little information.

    1) on eset website it doesnt compare ram usage with avg. is it faster? (i had NIS before and saw a major increase in performance with avg)

    2) is nod32 antivirus, antispyware and antispam? people said it does remove spyware but want to be sure

    3)also i will need a firewall solution that uses little resources as i only have 512 ram. been hearing about zonealarm but i read that the new version has bugs.

    4) also is nod32 easy to setup (schedules) avg was a breeze just go into scheduler and put your times in.

    i would also like to know what programs you use instead of one internet security suite that work well together.

  2. Dogtag

    Dogtag Registered Member

    Jul 23, 2007
    Greetings Jin

    Like u i have the same set up XP SP2 on 512 ram,
    NOD is superb, very lightweight and probably u wont even notice its there?My opinion would be to get another A/S, for a F/W i am using Comodo, slight noticible lag, but the scales balance out with comodos protection.Pctools has a lightweight (free) firewall, but don't know how it fairs?

    router, comodo firewall(free), nod3(paid), spywaredoctor(paid), spwareblaster(free), boclean(free), a2 free (scans only).

    All of the above work nice on my setup.
  3. WSFuser

    WSFuser Registered Member

    Oct 7, 2004
    I have never tried AVG, but NOD32 runs light as a feather and wont bog down your computer.
    NOD32 is an antivirus but it also detects spyware.

    The ESET Smart Security (a suite) is in beta testing and includes firewall and antispam.
    You could try LooknStop. Its a very light firewall.
    I have tried (not together of course) the following firewalls with NOD32: LooknStop, Comodo, Ghostwall, Online Armor, Jetico, and Outpost. They worked fine.

    For antispyware I use SUPERAntiSpyware for ondemand scans.
  4. irrationalgeek

    irrationalgeek Registered Member

    Jul 18, 2007
    Yes. NOD32 is advertised as "antispyware" but take that statement with a large grain of salt. It's a good antivirus product but for spyware consider licensing CounterSpy or SuperAntiSpyware.
  5. webyourbusiness

    webyourbusiness Registered Member

    Nov 16, 2004
    Throughout the USA and Canada
    I'd say that nod32 does a fantastic job of being light, but regardless, you'll have more fun with your machine with 1Gb of RAM. I put 2Gb into my last machine and I'm planning on upping that to 4Gb (but I do game...)
  6. ellison64

    ellison64 Registered Member

    Oct 5, 2003
    Actually ive just switched from AVG Iss to nod becasue ,i "upgraded" my OS from w98 to w2000 pro and AVG would no longer work correctly (was getting very high CPU usage)However to answer your question nod is as light as AVG,and bear in mind even with nods http scanner activated (avg doesnt have this) its as light as AVG.There is no antispam in nod but then again i never used AVGs iss anti spam module for that long ,because basically a standalone app like spamihilator is much better anyway.The antispyware in AVG iss/antimalware (not the pro though) is IMO better than nods,however there are many free antispywares that you can use if you wish.I have a feeling nods spyware detection will get better though ,as many folks have commented on it ,not being quite up to the mark.Nod is easy to configure so theres no problems there.For a firewall id use looknstop or kerio 2.15 (depending on whether you think leak tests are that important...i personally dont).So my current setup is nod,looknstop and spamihilator (this is a keeper for me).
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