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Discussion in 'ProcessGuard' started by Rico, Aug 24, 2005.

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  1. Rico

    Rico Registered Member

    Aug 19, 2004
    Hi Pillli,

    At the "Protection" tab I find & highlight Taskmanager:

    PG's options are:

    "Secure Message Handling" are you saying enable = ticked or no tick? I think your saying place a tick or check mark in the box.

    "Install Global Hooks" are you saying allow = checked or ticked?

    Blocking Flags as default. What does this mean?

    I read mine now as: Task mgr is protected from being terminated or modified, Task mgr can terminate protected, can modify protected, can read from protected. Also Task mgr may also install global hooks & is required to do secure message handling. Bold = what mine is set to now!

    Question, why would Task mgr. need (ticked) "modify protected apps."
    Question, why would Task mgr. need (ticked) "read from protected apps."

    rico the idiot pest
  2. WSFuser

    WSFuser Registered Member

    Oct 7, 2004
    enabled or allow = tick. blocking flags i guess means everything else besides global hooks. the next two are not needed afaik.
  3. Pilli

    Pilli Registered Member

    Feb 13, 2002
    Hampshire UK
    Please remember that the individual flags, Allow or Block, are only relevent to the protected list applications, these Apps and Task Manager are all trusted I hope. The only reason that the Terminate flag should be allowed in Task Manager is on the occasion that you need to terminate a protected app for whatever reason, therefore it does not normally require to be enabled.
    On my machine it is never enabled as I use ProcessExplorer for that task when needs be.

    The default settings read and modify are usually OK on protected apps as in certain circumstances some system files and other apps will need those allow flags.

    HTH Pilli
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