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    If you used PIA VPN, and used the PIA Client software. You already familiar to constant Application filtering prompts on PIA Ruby interpreter (GUI) file ( RUBYW.exe ) upon launching. You also observed the collection of redundant PIA RUBYW.exe entries in Application filtering list.

    If you have contacted the PIA technical department, you've likely received an response to white-listing the RUBYW.exe file with your firewall. Their alternative recommendation is to switch over to use the OpenVPN software with their PIA OpenVPN configuration files. However, you loose out on the quick & convenient PIA security features like DNS Leak Protection, and VPN KillSwitch.

    Whats happening with your permission to add Ruby interpreter (GUI) ... (RUBYW.EXE) to the Application-filtering list. When next the PIA software launches, it extracts again few of its files into different location. While fitting, but annoying, it uses the temporary location which causes adverse reactions with some security software.


    ..next time it can be seen from, for instance;

    When it creates the OCR* folder under \temp\, it uses set of random characters ' \Temp\ocr<randomcharacters>.tmp\ '.

    Now I'm against white-listing, even if you happen to have a software firewall with white-listing capability, you would be making yourself vulnerable.

    Look 'n' Stop doesn't offer Application-filtering white-listing, and it's probably for the best.

    With this plugin, and when enabled, there'll be no Application-filtering prompts requesting for authorization for the legit PIA RUBYW.exe files. What would be the point to having this plugin right? .. This plug-in uses technologies that cannot be fooled. Only the real / legit PIA RUBYW.EXE file will be safely and securely automatically handled and be permitting. It'll permit using Look 'n' Stop 'for this session only' parameter, meaning you won't have a gathering of redundant PIA RUBY.EXE entries in the Look 'n' Stop – Application-filtering list. You will still see of course.. the current PIA entry in Look 'n' Stop – Application-filtering list.

    This plug-in cannot be used in conjunction with any other Application-filtering based Look 'n' Stop plugin like Theme-It! for instance.

    Without further ado...;


    Filesize: 68KB
    MD5 Hash: 6cd658e77e6017231f1d2de3202347f3
    Download: http://www.QueensCountyPCTech.ca/Phant0m/Looknstop_Plugins.php?get=PluginPIA_VPN-x64.dll

    Filesize: 66.5KB
    MD5 Hash: df30b39544006f3e3edde8a70b75ef70
    Download: http://www.QueensCountyPCTech.ca/Phant0m/Looknstop_Plugins.php?get=PluginPIA_VPN-x86.dll
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