Phant0m's Rule Set and 2.05p3 Questions

Discussion in 'LnS English Forum' started by normacap, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. normacap

    normacap Registered Member

    Nov 22, 2005
    I'm a new LnS user and also new to rules based firewalls such as this. I do regard LnS as an exceptional product. I also PAID for Phant0m's rule set and was happy to do so. If it makes the firewall mre secure, I'm happy to pay an expert for their expertise. Now, a few questions:

    1. Will Phant0m's latest version rule set work with 2.05p3?

    2. Am I correct in understanding that 2.05p3 is beta? Can it be installed over 2.05p2? If so, is Phant0m's rule set preserved? Is there anything I need to watch out for in 2.05p3? Does anyone know when it will be the regular release?

    3. How do I modify (if necessary) Phant0m's rule set (in particular) for use behind a router so the pings aren't blocked (does it even matter)? I've seen Patrice's post (May 20, 2003), but I want to know how to modify Phant0m's so I don't screw something else up.

    Thank you!
  2. WSFuser

    WSFuser Registered Member

    Oct 7, 2004
    1) yes it works

    2) yes it is beta
  3. CogitoErgoSum

    CogitoErgoSum Registered Member

    Aug 22, 2005
    Cerritos, California
    Hello normacap,

    To answer first question, Phant0m's latest ruleset will work with 2.05p3. To answer your second question, despite 2.05p3 being beta, I have found it to be reliable and relatively stable as long as the beta features are not activated. Yes, 2.05p3 can be installed over 2.05p2. As to whether Phant0m's rs is preserved after installing 2.05p3 over 2.05p2, I have no idea because I installed 2.05p3 over 2.05p2 before applying Phant0m's rs. Lastly, I strongly believe that everyone who is using 2.05p2 should seriously consider upgrading to to 2.05p3 as it contains important fixes and changes as noted in this quote by Frederic.

    The "extra save" feature now saves the filename paths correctly with 2 '\' when needed, so the import of the .reg file is working for the list of Applications.
    Confirm on Exit now works also when using the Quit from the Trayicon menu.
    Help key (F1) correctly handled in all dialog boxes.
    Memory leak in the icon handling for the list of connected applications.
    Yellow icon not refreshed when the Edit button was used.
    Internet filtering (Win2000/XP only): fix in the driver about the Different And criteria which was not working.
    Internet Filtering: TCP SPI (Win2000/XP only): better handling of timeouts and closing connections.
    Internet Filtering: Fixed some problems with rules handling IP fragmentation flags.
    Application Filtering (Win2000/XP only): the handling of port & IP ranges was not working.
    Application Filtering (Win2000/XP only): new installation of the driver to avoid the problem of load order which caused lnsfw1 to be disabled.

    Service automatic uninstall when Look 'n' Stop in uninstalled.

    When the password is deactivated, its value remains and is no longer reset to null.
    The automatic log cleanup removes 10% of the items when the limit is below 1000 (instead of removing by default 100 items).
    When a ruleset filename has been translated by a plugin, a check is performed to verify the file exists, if not, the default ruleset filename is used.
    Internet Filtering: TCP SPI (Win2000/XP only): the number of simultaneous connections is now 256.
    Protocols handling (Win2000/XP only): a modification through the dialog box (addition/removal/blocking/allowing a protocol) has now an immediate effect."

    Peace & Love,

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