PG & Snoopfree errors

Discussion in 'ProcessGuard' started by AAPlus2, Aug 20, 2005.

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  1. AAPlus2

    AAPlus2 Guest

    Hey,To all

    Is anyone other then me having a problem
    with running both PG & Snoopfree on WinXP Pro
    i can install just fine.

    but each time i reboot i get errors from both
    Paid PG & Snoopfree going nut's here
    i think it may be ZoneAlarm not sure.

    Thank you
  2. passing thru

    passing thru Guest

    I installed SnoopFree (with PG disabled) on a PG/XP Pro/Outpost Pro system and do not see any errors. Make sure that snoopfreeui.exe is in your Protection list with permission to Install Global Hooks. Also make sure that snoopfreesvc.exe is set to Permit Always in your Security list. It may initially show up with an "unable to ask user" flag. Outpost Pro component control did alert (and prompt for permission) to the presence of snoopfreedll.dll
  3. question

    question Guest

    But the question is, why would you want Snoopfree if you already have PG?
  4. floatingPast

    floatingPast Registered Member

    Aug 17, 2005
    on frog house
  5. AAPlus2

    AAPlus2 Guest

    Hey,To all

    Thanks for the replys well i don't get why
    i am having this problem on this Laptop
    i can install both PG & Snoopfree no problems

    at all but as soon as i do a reboot i get these
    2 errors here

    for PG

    i get this here can not open mutxt2 or something
    like that not sure right now so i have uninstalled
    reinstalled after cleaning all reg files & system32
    folder out & again as soon as i reboot i get the errors

    oh yes the error for Snoopfree
    is this here


    now if i have a look in system Services
    i can see that both are there it just seems
    like there is something from keeping them
    from being installed all the way

    anyone have an idea what is going on
    it's just these 2 progs on this Laptop

    Thank you
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