PG 2.0 File Log Bug?

Discussion in 'ProcessGuard' started by siliconman01, Apr 3, 2004.

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  1. siliconman01

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    Mar 6, 2003
    West Virginia (USA)
    In using the option of File logging in PG 2.0, I have set the path to C:\Program Files\ProcessGuard\ProcGuardLog. When the log path is established, PG starts logging into ProcGuardLog folder in a text file named Procguard.Log.

    The reason I established the folder ProcGuardLog for ProcGuard.log is that I wanted to use Window Washer to clear this log during my system maintenance procedures. Window Washer does it okay, but during the cleaning, the file ProcGuard.Log gets deleted from the folder ProcGuardLog (normal method of by Window Washer).

    When PG 2.0 finds the file ProcGuard.Log absent, it apparently defaults back to Procguard.Log found in primary folder Process Guard instead of establishing a new ProcGuard.Log file in the subfolder ProcGuardLog as per the specified logging path for File logging.

    Should not PG 2.0 start a new ProcGuard.Log per the specified path if it finds the file missing?

    OOOPS. Found what was causing this. After running Window Washer, I typically run Jv16 PowerTools to clean out the registry. jv16 PowerTools finds the Log Path registry entry invalid because ProcGuard.Log no longer exists. Placed this registry key in IGNORE for jv16 PowerTools and all works fine now.
Thread Status:
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