PC cillin 2002 license key problem

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by dom424, Jun 10, 2002.

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  1. dom424

    dom424 Guest

    Has anyone been having trouble obtaining their license key from Trend Micro so they can receive updated virus definitions? When I try it says my internet connection is to unstable at this time, try back later. Finally got a response from their email tech support telling me to keep trying back. Their quote "This message is caused by the updates we perform on our servers. Please try to register at a later date. I am afraid I cannot email you a license key because the license key is generated from a web server gathering information from your computer. So on and so on and so on then I apologize for the inconvenience. Anyway I have been trying for 5 and 1/2 days to get these updates. I loved PC cillin 2000. Never a problem with it. This seems to be to much of a hassle and maybe I should look for another anti virus program
  2. dom424

    dom424 Guest

    Here is the work around until their registering servers are up and running again which I could not get a time line.

    I would like to apologize regarding the error that you are experiencing right now on registration. There is no problem with your program, the problem is on our registration server, it is currently down being updated.

    As a work around, Here is the procedure in updating your pattern files manually. This is the site where in you can get the latest updates and scan engines of PC-cillin2000.

    Click on it to download to your computer.
    Extract it to a folder SOURCE (you must create this) in your PC-cillin2000 folder.
    After extracting the file, click on tmupdito.exe.
    Restart your computer.



    Windows, AS/400, S/390
    Pattern File  Scan Engine: 6.150 (most platforms)
    HTTP download (faster):

    FTP download:
    This pattern file is most effective when used with the latest scan engine. We strongly encourage you to update your scan engine to ensure you are using the best virus protection available.
    For latest viruses added, read the whatsnew.txt file.  
    Use this version of the pattern file for all Trend Micro products running on Intel or DEC Alpha-based operating systems and for products using Trend's virus scanning API library.  

    PATTERN FILE (295) http://www.antivirus.com/downloapd/pattern.as

    PC-cillin (U.S. Retail versions only)

    Program Version
    Engine Version Release Date
    Download File

    Windows 95/98/ME 6.0 and above  VSAPI 6.150 Mar. 27, 2002
    vsapi-vxd-6_150.zip (http)
    vsapi-vxd-6_150.zip (ftp)  
    Windows 2000
    NT Workstation/XP 6.0 and above  VSAPI 6.150 Mar. 27, 2002 vsapi-kd-6_150.zip (http)
    vsapi-kd-6_150.zip (ftp)

    SCAN ENGINE http://www.antivirus.com/download/engines/


    You can call Digital River for inquiries regarding sales : +1 800 656 5426
  3. spy1

    spy1 Registered Member

    Dec 29, 2002
    Clover, SC
    Dom - Glad you got your problem fixed and that you reported back the results! That was good of you and might help others.

    Sorry we didn't get a chance to help you ourselves - but it's good to know that thier tech support was that effective!

    Sure do hope they get all their info upgraded soon!

    Welcome to the forum! Pete
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