PBF Image Backup - Restoring Files (Corrupted OSX partition accidentally formatted with diskpart)

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    Feb 16, 2016
    Hello everyone.

    A couple of months ago I made a stupid mistake; I intended to use the diskpart utility from CMD from my Windows 7 boot DVD for partitioning reasons of my Windows partiton, but accidentally had my main OSX partition selected and erased it (and obviously had no complete backup of my data - stupid me!). I immediately got your product "Rescue Kit 14 Free Edition" and made a full backup image of my complete Macintosh HD to my external HD before I later reformatted and reinstalled OSX using Internet Recovery (luckily I was able to recover some missing data with recovery tools within OSX, but not everything).

    On a different windows system I later downloaded your "Backup and Recovery 14 Free" and attempted to read in my earlier backed up image, which worked. The issue though is that it did not present me with a list of files to copy back, which I had hoped for in order to be able to restore my remaining missing files; the list of files was empty instead (appeared like it couldn't read the individual files on the backed up image).

    I should mention that I currently do not have access to my HD where my backup image is stored and that I can only try any possible solutions once I get back to it. But anyways, any possible suggestion and/or solution to this problem is appreciated and I will reply as soon as I can!