Partimage incorrectly asks for second image file... help?

Discussion in 'backup, imaging & disk mgmt' started by Gullible Jones, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. My backups have really been giving me a hard time lately...

    In this case it's a Windows XP SP3 backup via partimage (3.8 GB, no compression, made with partimage 0.6.9). And when I try to restore it, partimage gets about 95% of the way through, and then stops in its tracks and asks for the next image file. Needless to say there isn't one - I didn't see any need to split the image, since the whole thing could fit on one DVD. So the restore cannot finish, and I am left with an unbootable system.

    Is the image corrupt? Or is this a partimage bug? If the latter, is there any other Linux software compatible with the partimage format, that might actually work?
  2. And the answer is... The DVD was bad. :( There were actually spots on it where the recording dye seemed to be absent, and I hadn't noticed. Serves me right!
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    Gullible Jones,

    A good reason to never use optical media for any sort of backup. If it doesn't fail you now it will fail you later. Disc rot.
  4. The main reason I use optical media is that they're read-only, so I can't fat-finger my backup into oblivion. I already use USB sticks for more volatile data though, and I'm beginning to think a dedicated hard drive for backups might be a smart idea!
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