Parted Magic 4.1

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    NICK ADSL UK Administrator

    May 13, 2003
    This version of Parted Magic fixes some bugs and adds some new features and programs. There was a scripting error that cause debs not to load in some situations, mkfstab was moved later in the booting process to stop the new fstab from being overwritten by the one from the "Save Session" package, and partimag user was added by default for partimage. The fstab daemon now detects device mapper RAID partitions while removing the unmountable mirrors from /etc/fstab. GParted and mount-gtk correctly display and mount these partitions. Our tools use the /dev/mapper nodes created by GParted, so run GParted and then you will see your DMRAID partitions in mount-gtk. Added support for new package extensions .tbz, tlz, txz. Numlock is set to "on" in and outside of X by default. Parted Magic is slightly larger this time around because there wasn't a squashfs-lzma patch that seemed usable for Linux 2.6.29 and squashfs 4.0.

    We added wipe-2.2.0, dmidecode-2.10, mg (mini-emacs text editor), reiser4 kernel patch, boot_info_script, Chinese fonts, removepkg, unarj-265, and hardinfo-0.5.1.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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