Paragon Up to PAR with Acronis ?

Discussion in 'backup, imaging & disk mgmt' started by guest, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. guest

    guest Guest

    Paragon Exact Image apparently has something very similar to Acronis TrueImages SecureZone, known as a "Capsule", creating a hidden partition on your harddrive which is only accessable by the software.

    Im curious whether or not anybody has tried Paragon Exact Image, and how it worked for them.

    Also, If anybody else could critique Paragon Imaging software who has tried it before.

    Does Acronis finally have some competition to really worry about ?

    Im torn between the two pieces of software, which should I invest my money into ?
  2. Plasma

    Plasma Guest

    I have not used Paragon Exact Image, but I have used Paragon Drive Backup. While it had a lot of features and the potential to be very powerful, it was also plagued with bugs and interface inconsistencies.

    The main problem I had was that the scheduler simply did not work. I tested it on multiple computers, but had no luck. I contacted technical support and they said it was "a known issue" and would be fixed with the next update (which was months away, and I needed it to work now). Only after asking for a refund (they have a money-back guarantee), did they send me a patch for it. That fixed the scheduler, but now it crashed after a scheduled backup of a 2gb FAT32 partition.

    On top of that, the recovery CD was not user-friendly at all, and was very slow at restoring even a small (same 2gb) partition.

    The good news is they did give me my refund, but I would definitely go with Acronis. Easier to use, faster, and better support.
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