Paragon Total Defrag 2010 Custom Problems

Discussion in 'Other Paragon Disk Utilities' started by skutu, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. skutu

    skutu Registered Member

    Jun 30, 2011

    I just used total defrag on my 1tb usb 3 samsung external hdd. It was some fragments on this and was fat32 formated. But its dure too much time proximately 24-34 hours takes I waited till the end and success it was realy nice good and what i want i have about 90-100gb empty free zone totaly end of disk and zero fragmentation. Today i just add 2-3 gb data on that disk and after i check this i see 1 fragmentation on my latest file unluckly than i start to total defrag again hope this beat as fast as i hope because all my data storage completely unfragmented yesterday and and paragon must do only a few action on that time but i was wrong its dure very long time 5-6 hours later i stoped it and when ever i check my storage i have seen total defrag 2010 just started on first and had to wait about 30-35 hourss again that is realy worse. So i understand that this software only 1 time use for usefull except small disk every time its not look the files defragmented it has to rearrange all files why do that i don't pick put directory first or last, sort by size or sort by modification options why do that each time rearrange all the time if you dont wait and cut the operation you have to wait all 30-40 hours again if you done well job and start again accidently or not you have again wait all the time.

    I don't know what combinations it is use but i want it very compact at least after my first total defrag.
    If i just accomplished my defrag than after i start its use new combinations and all files rearange 1 step left or right or anywhere locations doesn't matter its very shame dump and useless.

    Now i want to ask what combinations its use whenever i dont pick any one or is it possible to defragment without thats futures because if u start the defrag and it cuted u have to redefrag again and wait total till the end.

    Unique low-level file system defragmentation and optimization algorithms :::
    ---I realy like this future very nice and perfect withing windows 7 too thats awesome realy GREAT.

    9 different defragmentation strategies
    ---I dont see 9 different strategies i have just seen
    Put directory placement
    Sort by size placement
    sort by modification placement
    and compact and defrag mft placement

    for me its do 3 different strategies

    but I want non of all or very custom one at least except for one time fully defragted volume levels how can i do that?

    i looked at paragon installed folders and i see two empty script directory guess its possible as i think can you tell the low level defrag motor is perfect and work very well except the program not use it effectivment it use very horrible (it must be good first time only but) every time read and write every sector again useless.

    Please tell me do i use another defragmenter after one time use totaly defrag or what must i do to don't wait 2-3 days again :(

    if you do second defrag furthermore immediately after its doesn't check current perfect station and rearrange all the files again realy terrible..

    and i use fast mode and i can not guaranteed if my computer stay keep open 2-3 days with software - hardware faults and not sure error or electricity gone.


    Excuse me to my bad but i hope you able to understand my English well thanks in advance..

    If you have a solutions or know any clue you can answer me directly to my mail address too.

    spamkutu at
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