Paragon Rescue Kit 11 Free Edition

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  1. NestorK

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    Apr 23, 2014
    Hello Everyone.

    I' m wanting to download the Paragon Rescue Kit 11 Free Edition.

    On this web page:

    I clicked on the download link and downloaded a 49.4 MB (51,869,728 byte) file called "Unpack & Burn Wizard". When I opened that file, it told me to put a blank writeable CD into my CD drive so that it could write to that CD. I did that, but it didn't write anything at all. So, I changed the write destination to a file on my own computer, and the Unpack & Burn Wizard wrote a 50.7 MB (53,266,432 byte) ISO file to my hard drive. Part of the name of that file was "RCD_Express".

    I then used the freeware program "ImgBurn" to burn that ISO file to a CD. The ImgBurn program reported that the transfer of the ISO file to the CD was successful.

    The problem I'm having is that there is no .EXE program on that CD which I can open to run the Rescue Kit 11 Free Edition program. The CD has two folder on it as well as multiple files. The folders are called "dos" and "psr", respectively, and the dos folder has four folders in it, each of which has a .ZIP extension in it's name. The psr folder has 8 files in it, but no folders. There are other files on the disk, most of which have the character strings "dos" or "lilo" in their name.

    I'm just wanting to know how I can use this CD to run the Rescue Kit 11 Free Edition software. When I put the CD in my CD drive, it doesn't do anything. Am I supposed to unzip the .ZIP files in the "dos" folder? I've been trying to get the Rescue Kit 11 Free Edition
    software for several days now, and it just seems like I run into problems every step of the way.

    Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.
  2. fireworker

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    Sep 27, 2009
    You just need to boot your PC from this CD. In the BIOS Setup set to boot from CD, or choose to boot from CD in the boot menu.
    This is linux-based CD, it contains no executable files Windows.
    Here's a video with a virtual machine.