Paragon HDM Pro 11 - Linux Recovery CD vs WinPE 3 Recovery CD & odd volume label Q...

Discussion in 'Paragon Partition Manager Product Line' started by TominKS, May 23, 2011.

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  1. TominKS

    TominKS Registered Member

    May 23, 2011
    First post here - so I'll try to be concise!

    I'm brand new to Paragon HDM Pro 11 - but had used Partition Magic for years - so I'm learning a new app...

    So far - so good!

    Question #1 - Which Recovery CD do most Paragon users recommend? The Linux or the WinPE versions of the recovery CDs?

    Are there any obvious/superior advantages to each?

    I've noticed the Linux one seems to boot a LOT faster (which is certainly nice!)...

    What about overall "reliability" when making substantial changes (i.e. partition resizes/etc)? Any 'real' differences in "reliability" between using the Linux vs WinPE recovery CD/flash drive?

    I most typically just "manually" change my active boot partitions and prefer to do so via a recovery type CD/flash drive for simplicity/safety sake.

    And will also "hide" my Data or other partitions depending on what I'm doing at the same time.

    Nothing too overly complex most of the time...

    So just curious if the veteran users have reasons to prefer one Paragon recovery CD/flash drive OS version over another based on experience/etc (??)...


    Question #2 - I've noticed when I boot with the WinPE 3 recovery CD - all of my "hidden" volume/partition labels display as "Local Disk/[No label]" - instead of listing the partition names I've given them.

    Whereas, if I boot with the Linux Recovery CD and/or open up the Paragon HDM Pro 11 application from within a full Windows environment (i.e. non-WinPE OS), I see ALL the various partition names/labels just fine/great.

    Is this possibly a limitation (or "safety" feature?) of the WinPE environment? I.e. since it is a "hidden" partition it is "limiting" your ability to "see" it or somehow change it?

    (In fact, if I "try" to change the label name in the WinPE session, it will NOT allow me to change it or even type "anything" AT ALL in as a label name. Very odd. But with a visible partition, I can see, change, etc the volume name with no issues whatsoever...)

    The main reason I even bring this up is that on my secondary internal hard drives, I can have 5 to 8 or more various Data/Utility/Scratch/etc partitions and may often hide/unhide them depending on what I'm doing.

    And not having the partition names to read in the partition list makes it rather interesting (at best) when ALL the hidden partitions simply list "Local Disk/[No label]" - instead of listing the partition name.

    I hope I didn't go into too much detail......

    If anyone might have any insight as to why the WinPE Recovery CD does this with volume/partition labels and apparently "hidden" partitions, I would very much appreciate any input/etc.... Thanks for any and all replies!

    PS I have looked at this on two different computers and both behave exactly the same in regard to no partition/volume name/label info for hidden partitions with the WinPE recovery disk - but fine/great with the Linux disk....

    PPS I'm getting ready to partition/etc a brand new hard drive - so it might be interesting to see if this possible anomaly goes away if I setup & partition the new hard drive from the beginning with Paragon HDM Pro 11.

    Perhaps (?) there might be some sort of funky legacy hold over from when I originally partitioned these with Partition Magic a couple years back (?)...

    Interesting learning experience I suppose!! Thanks again for any insight/thoughts/etc!
  2. Mech_An

    Mech_An Registered Member

    Mar 29, 2010
    It's good to have both CDs. Linux RCD for fast boot and WinPE RCD becasue it has option to Load drivers and nice interface.
    You can use any CD you like. There are no big differences in operations speed between them.

    WinPE "sees" everything the same way as Windows does. So no wander it shows Hidden partitions as non-labeled.
    Linux RCD has its own view for all partitions (based on SUSE engine). It shows label for hidden partitions by design. But it doen't mean that they are not hidden under Linux.
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