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  1. henryv

    henryv Registered Member

    Jun 24, 2015
    hi all just have a question here as im in trouble.

    first thing first
    I had a pc that I used to use for work and cloning and I use to clone hdds and save them on another hard drive.

    now my pc is toast ( fried ) broken
    I need to access my images that I had had cloned

    so I used a usb caddy to read the hard disc that contained my cloned images and copied over to my laptop
    than I installed a hard drive that I want to clone with an image that I saved on my laptop from my hdd containing cloned images .

    I use clean hdd same size connecting via usb caddy ( previously I used direct connection to my motherboard)

    than I go in to paragon software ( paragon hard drive manager ) and add it
    at this stage it adds the image onto paragon software of my cloned image.
    everything goes well until I come to the last step .
    it tells me that my hdd is smaller than the image I want to use ( even tho they are exact same size )

    and if I proceed it only does partition of 100mb and the rest us unclasped partition where the c partition should be.

    is there a reason why I cant migrate cloned copy to another system to do the cloning or is there security issues between 2 different systems ??
    because it seems that it migrates over 10 gb of data to my laptop .

    pls help
  2. henryv

    henryv Registered Member

    Jun 24, 2015
    I also zipped the folder containing my image than migrated to my laptop and unzipped it but no good
  3. fireworker

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    Sep 27, 2009
    Now, just restore the C: partition immediately behind 100MB-boot-partition on unallocated space (and other partitions of the consistently if any)