Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14 Hyper-V Preview

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    Paragon Software Group proudly announces the new product, Hard Disk Manager 14 Hyper-V Preview!

    Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14 Hyper-V Preview is designed to protect virtual machines hosted by Microsoft Hyper-V. Unlike traditional backup tools designed to work with physical machines, it can operate at the virtualization layer, employing MS VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) to agentlessly backup/restore any guest machine of Hyper-V. Thus our solution doesn’t need an agent on a target virtual machine to create its point-in-time copy including its configuration, operating system, apps, etc. This approach significantly enhances the backup performance, while minimizing the load on target machines and the hypervisor during the process. Besides, there’s no need to provide credentials for every guest to do backups.

    Feature highlights:
    • Supports Windows 2012 R2
    • Installation takes only 5 minutes on Hyper-V host
    • Supports SMB 3.0 hosted virtual machines
    • Restore to a new location
    • Wide choice of backup formats - VHDX, VHD, pVHD or VMDK
    • Incremental Hyper-V backup coming soon!
    Product page:
    Look for the download and manual links.

    We appreciate your feedback on this product. You can send it by posting comments in this thread, from MyAccount or via e-mail to
    In case you have found any issues please provide your configuration details:
    - Hyper-V Host and Guest OS version
    - Virtual machine properties: VM files location, number and layout of disks, number of VM snahpshots, turned on of off state during backup
    - Logs from Hard Disk Manager 14 Hyper-V Preview collected via Log Saver and Windows Event Logs as well

    This information would be very useful to help us improve new functionality.
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