Paragon backup&Recovery 14 Free v10.1.25.377 - Partition table altered

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    I'm posting my problem description here because PARAGON has not responded to my support request.

    Here is the problem description I sent to PARAGON initially:
    Dear Sirs,

    I've been succesfully using Paragon Backup & Restore 2013 Free and 2014 Free
    software in making full system backups.

    That is until the latest version 14 Free v10.1.25.377.

    While testing the latest version I noticed that the old 'Back Up' and 'Restore' have been
    removed and only the New format 'Backup to VD' and 'Restore from VD' are available.
    In the previous versions I used the 'Back Up' and 'Restore' functions, and
    used recovery media to make full system backup restore.

    The problem that I run to during testing was that the partition table was altered during
    Restore. I used WinPE Recovery Media to restore the full system backup.

    After the restore everything seemed ok after starting Win7.
    Windows Disk Management did not show any differencies in partition table
    compared to the state during backup.
    Also my partition software; 'MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition 8.1.1',
    did not show any alterations to partition table.

    But when using Samsung Magician v4.5 to verify my Samsung 840 Pro SSD
    status, the partition table was altered.

    My SSD size is 238.47GB (net size).

    Before/during backup the partition table was:
    System Reserved - 100MB
    C: - Win7 - 100GB
    D: - Work - 94GB
    J: - CATIA - 20GB
    Unallocated - 24.37GB (used as Over Provisioning in Samsung Magician)

    After restoring the made VD Backup:

    Samsung Magician reported a 100GB unallocated space before
    C:, D: and J: drives.
    This does not make any sense, because the sum of drive space
    would be greater than the drive size.
    The Samsung magician can only manage unallocated space as
    over provisioning only if it is located after the last
    drive partition.
    So being I could not delete the 'ghost/non existing' unallocated
    space (100GB) before drive partitions.

    I tried to remedy the problem by changing Paragon Backup & Recovery 14 Free's
    partition setting from Vista to Inherit. Unforternately partition setting
    made no difference to the outcome after full backup restore.

    Maybe the Samsung Magician software is a bit finicky concerning partition
    table. But according to my test the latest P B&R 14 Free v10.1.25.377
    does alter the partition table in some way that conflicts the Samsung Magician.
    Previous versions of P B&R work a ok (with partition setting as Vista).
    This in my mind proves that something has changed between earlier versions
    and current version of P B&R 14 Free.

    I hope you can find a solution to the problem
    in future releases of Paragon Backup&Recovery.

    Sakari Rajamäki

    Has anyone else had similar problems with the latest Paragon backup&Recovery 14 Free v10.1.25.377?

    If so, do you have a fix to the problem?

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    I don´t see any real problem. The Samsung program just misread the first partition. Report this to Samsung.