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    Mar 1, 2012
    I created a backup from a USB stick and chanced to examine the archive afterwards. One particular source directory ('Documents') contained 3 subdirs and 9 files. In the Restore view tree control, where you select files to restore, only the 3 subdirs and 3 files were visible. One .doc file, one .jpg and 4 .txt files were missing. When I restored the whole directory, all the files were there.
    This was on WinXP 32; I also examined the archive with HDM Pro on the same machine with the same result and on Win7 64 with HDM Suite 2012, again with the same result.
    No includes/excludes were in effect.
    If I mount the archive as a drive letter, everything is there. It seems to be a cosmetic problem with the tree view, but not being able to select individual files is a pain.
    Any suggestions appreciated.

    Edit: further to the above I repeated the original procedure on Win7 using HDM 2012 Suite and got the same result - 6 files missing in the tree view. I then tried copying the USB stick to the hard disk and doing a File and Folder backup with B&R Home and this time all the files were visible and could be individually selected. Weird.

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