Paragon B&R Free 10.2: options needed for move Win7 new drive

Discussion in 'Paragon Drive Backup Product Line' started by cognus, Jan 20, 2011.

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  1. cognus

    cognus Registered Member

    Jan 20, 2011
    Sorry for such a non-succinct title, folks.
    I'm new to this particular forum because blessedly in the past I found Paragon B&R easy to use successfully.
    That was then.
    Now I am the poster child for Epic Fail.

    This is a simple move of Windows 7 pro on a small hot [heatwise] drive to a larger capacity laptop drive for a low-power lab mule. All I needed to do was create an exact bootable image of the original drive, put the new drive in on SATA 0 and the old on SATA 1, boot off the old, run Paragon, restore the image to the new drive, reboot, change drive letter, and we're off to the races just like in the past when I had zero issues with this.

    This time it could hardly have been more misguided. Something changed in the default options and I've been looking through the current user manual to figure out what I did wrong. I don't know if my Backup was wrong, or the restore, or both. Unfortunately the manual does not give me exact instructions on "how to move to blank/new drive and have it boot". So ..o_O

    You guys seem to have the decoder for these excellent products so if you can point me to a link or something that will make this plainer I'd be so overjoyed :D

    EDIT: Just to add what I think I am seeing as trying to learn the newer ropes: In the Backup wizard I have some options - quite a few actually, and I think I have those set right but could use a check by one of you.
    So I am proceeding through this in two steps: first to make a backup image of ONLY the System Reserved partition and MBR. I did that. But in running the Restore wizard I think I'm seeing an issue [my issue, not their]: it isn't allowing me an option to write the restore tracks to the other [new larger] drive because it seems hardwired to ONLY restore those tracks to "C". my only options are "C" or punt to a folder which does me no good at all.
    If I'm following this right, then, it assumes that to restore to an all new drive, one would shutdown, establish the blank drive as SATA 0 and assumed "C", then use the Recovery CD/Media to do the restore.
    THAT is a problem because their recovery media is arcane... it cannot boot on my hardware. I note that their Boot-Fix Rescue Disc CAN boot and run perfectly on the same hardware. Is there a way to integrate the former into the latter? Or am I going to have to do this recovery on a 'foreign' machine, then move back to the target?
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  2. Mech_An

    Mech_An Registered Member

    Mar 29, 2010
    If you have not solved the issue yet,...

    1. You need to backup entire source HDD. Which means that all available points (MBR+First Track+System Reserved+C+others) should be selected for backup.

    2. Save backup to any external USB drive (it should not be your target drive).

    3. Connect new HDD to the laptop and boot it from WinPE or Linux-based Recovery CD
    Note: External drive with backup image also should be connected to the laptop.

    4. Run Restore wizard from the Recovery CD. Select the backup image on external drive (the info about backed up HDD should be shown in the wizard when you select backup folder).
    Continue the wizard: select Basic Hard Disk *** in What to restore. Then the entire HDD image will be restored to the target HDD.

    Follow the wizard and allow to resize partitions proportionally if needed.

    5. Once restore is completed, check the results:
    Run Paragon program from Recovery CD and make sure that new HDD now contains all partitions.

    If it is, power off the laptop. remove Recovery CD and boot into Windows.
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