Panda Virus Alert: new Trojan Banker Thief

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    May 24, 2002
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    - Orange Alert:panda Software reports new Trojan that could steal
    online banking passwords of thousands of Spanish-speaking users

    Virus Alerts, by Panda Software

    A new Trojan, Nabload.U, which is distributing itself through Messenger, has appeared a few hours ago. This Trojan downloads another Trojan, called Banker.bsx, which is currently the number one detected piece of malware from Panda's ActiveScan. Its objective is to obtain the passwords of certain banks that it has stored in its code primarily from Spanish-speaking users.

    The most unusual aspect of this Trojan is its ability to capture the information without the use of a traditional key logger. The user will be unaware that this is occurring. Banks that use virtual keyboards to avoid keyloggers won't be protected from this Trojan.

    Once the author has the keys, he can commit banking fraud with the accounts.

    According to Luis Corrons, PandaLabs director: "This Trojan is an example of a hybrid virus that mixes different techniques. Once the user clicks on the URL, it is able to download a Trojan and use techniques similar to some spyware and phishing attacks. It is, without a doubt, a Trojan designed to steal data quickly, and without leaving any tracks."

    Nabload.U uses social engineering techniques to get the user to click on the URL provided. The sentence is in Spanish: "ve esa vaina" It is disguised as a personal contact. When the user clicks on this URL, another Trojan, Banker.BSX, is downloaded. It also offers two others URLs_ and that downloads a configuration file. In this file, you can find - as well as other information- the e-mail address where the stolen data will be sent.

    This Trojan opens up port 1106 on the computer and stays active. So, when the user tries to access one of the online bank addresses shown bellow, the Trojan will be able to capture what the user is doing on the screen, including the login and password typed by virtual keyboards to access the bank account. This Trojan only captures the information from the addresses below:

    Once the Trojan has captured the information, it sends this data to an e-mail address. The author can change this e-mail address as desired.

    To help as many users as possible scan and disinfect their systems, Panda Software offers its free, online anti-malware solution, Panda ActiveScan, which now also detects spyware, at Webmasters who would like to include ActiveScan on their websites can get the HTML code, free from

    TruPreventTM detection technologies detect and eliminate Banker.BSX with no need for previous updates, so computers with these technologies have been protected from the moment the Trojan Horse appeared.

    For further information about Nabload.U and Banker.BSX, visit Panda Software's Encyclopedia:
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