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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by J at B, Jan 21, 2006.

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  1. J at B

    J at B Guest


    (Jan here, not on my own system).

    I think that Panda Titanium 2005 is giving a FP.

    Panda tells:
    Adware/ADWhere has been removed from the registry.

    After that SpywareBlaster tells that Softomatic Toolbar ( in the restricted sites of IE is not protected.

    I have to look further on this one, but has anyone seen this too ?

    Cheers, Jan.
  2. Bubba

    Bubba Updates Team

    Apr 15, 2002
    After doing an online Panda Activescan that same site was found unchecked and is also contained in IE-Spyads database. Since this is a Panda False positive and not only affects Spywareblaster, IE-Spyad users and Panda users also....I have moved this thread to a more appropriate Forum.
  3. arleetel

    arleetel Guest

    I get the same mention in Panda Platinum Internet Security, after spysweeper is giving me the following warning : IE security shield found C:\Program Files\Panda software\Panda Platinum Internet Security\PAVJOBS.EXE : I denied the modification. Since then it comes back at every update and/or scan with Panda.
    Looked into spywareblaster under restricted sites and Softomate toolbar ( is checked as protected !
    Has anyone a solution ?
    Thank you.
  4. Bubba

    Bubba Updates Team

    Apr 15, 2002
    You have a two prong problem as it relates to Spysweeper IMHO.

    1) Panda is Falsely reporting a valid IE Restricted Sites entry and is attempting to remove it. Spysweepers IE Security shield feature is preventing that action from being taken.

    2) With Spysweepers IE Security shield enabled it will prevent items from being added to IE's Restricted Sites Zone....either manually by the user or when programs such as Spybot(Immunization), IE-Spyad or Spywareblaster are attempting to add their respective database entries.

    In # 1 above....users need to report to Panda of this False postive.

    In # 2 above....users need to temporarily disable Spysweepers IE Security shield when adding sites to IE's Restricted Sites Zone via just some of the methods mentioned above.
  5. arleetel

    arleetel Guest

    Thanks for your reply Bubba.
    It's been a while now, that for updating "spybot" and "spywareblaster" that I disable the Spysweeper IE Security shield, so no problem there.
    It's only Panda that is causing me trouble and yes I'll report it, but to get a reply from these guys is something else.
    BTW Panda is not "attempting" to remove it, it says "disinfected", every time.
  6. FanJ

    FanJ Guest

    Hi all,

    Thanks for your replies ;)

    Unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to get in contact with Panda when I was at my friends during the weekend.
    (I remember some time ago it took me quite some effort to convince them at the phone to fix another FP by Panda on another entry from SpywareBlaster).

    Regards, Jan.
  7. nonbay4ever

    nonbay4ever Registered Member

    Apr 12, 2005
    I phoned Panda for support and spoke to a Mike there . he asked me IF I had other antispyware or AntiV in my computer . told him I did .. spy sweeper . MS AntiSpyBeta . Pc spyware doc (which found trojan.lazer.c and no other product found it . nothing at Symantec about it) .. anyway, he told me to get RID of everything that they interfere with Panda's actions . soooo .. I followed all of his instructions removed everything I had .. (he did say .why do you think they are free? (some I had) .. ) .. I removed everything EXCEPT for spywareblaster & spywareguard (did not tell him about those) .. Panda is STILL showing adware/adwhere but NOT at startup .. later in the day . .it does .I ran EVERY online scan to try to find it on Sunday .. called Mike on Monday .. I emptied prefetch, shut off system restore .. yesterday, as I said, all was FINE in a.m. .. later in the day, adware/adwhere was found again .. I Emailed Panda .. they told me this a.m. to shut off system restore .. do complete scan in safe mode . have NOT done it yet .. has to wait . but wanted to report here to let others know what Panda Tech told me .. their E is:
    DO not have their phone number at hand . but can be found on their site . it is in Glendale CA and I DID hold on for about 15 minutes until I was able to get to MIKE ..
  8. arleetel

    arleetel Guest

    Their first reply to me was also to disable and re-enable system restore, I replied that Panda always disinfected but told them only about spywareblaster and the possible false positive.
    This is what they replied :
    It is very common for other antivirus programs to call our software a virus. I have seen this many times with all other antivirus programs. The reason is because the other companies cannot tell the difference between another antivirus and an actual virus. This is also because they scan our pav.sig file. If you downloaded from a source other then or, you are safe. But this is a false positive on these companies. "
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