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    Paint.Net 4.0.2 Released
    July 16 2014

    This update is focused on fixing a few key regressions in functionality from 3.5, as well as fixing some other small (but important!) bugs.
    As usual, you can download it directly from the website, or you can use the built-in updater via Settings > Updates > Check Now.

    • Fixed the gamma and contrast for text rendering on some systems where the wrong values were being used ("rainbow" text)
    • Colors window now correctly lets you paste a hex color value that starts with a hash, e.g. #112233
    • Gradient tool now lets you reverse a transparency gradient by clicking the right mouse button on one of the handles (regression from 3.5)
    • Move Selected Pixels now lets you hold Control to leave a copy of the selected area behind on the initial move (regression from 3.5)
    • Paint Bucket tool's hatch fill modes weren't working with the Overwrite blending mode (regression from 3.5)
    • Fixed a keyboard tabbing issue in the Resize dialog (regression from 3.5)
    • Fixed the language setting in the Settings dialog not always allowing you to set it to English if your system's default language is non-English
    • Fixed a performance issue that caused images with many layers (50+) to take a VERY long time to open, close, or even switch away from (regression from 3.5)
    • Fixed a rare crash at application exit
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the 4.0.1 from installing on top of 4.0 when using the MSI (e.g. AD/GPO network deployment)
    • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the installer to take 30+ seconds to appear

    System Requirements
    Windows 7 SP1 or newer is now required.
    .NET Framework 4.5 is now required, and will be installed if needed.
    A dual-core (or more!) processor is highly recommended.
    Hardware acceleration (GPU) via Direct2D is now supported.
    Please disable this in the Settings dialog if you experience visual artifacts.

    Download: Paint.NET v4.0.2
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.