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Discussion in 'Other Acronis Products' started by RTShaw, Aug 22, 2004.

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  1. RTShaw

    RTShaw Registered Member

    Aug 22, 2004
    Port Huron, Mi Usa
    lost most control of my fingers so pleaqe bear with me, it hurts like hell 2 type.& control wqAT i type. thank u 4 your patirnce & understanding.

    running winbloze xp with sp2

    i'm really having a problem with osselector. what i want to do is boot from one of 2 partitions. either kmain on disk 1 and either kmain2 or smain on disk 2. with booting between disk1&2 is really no sweat, i can define those in my bios or hit a key.. im running an asus p4c800E deluxe mobo with 1 gig ram, disk1 = 37gig raptort, disk2 is a serial ata drive, disk3 is a raid0 array on a promise tx4000 raid controller with 4 - 160 gig western digital 8 meg cache hdrives.theres other stuff but not important.

    i'd really like 2 fix osselector. what am i doing wrong? i thought about unhiding all partitions but that would leave them all visible in xp when i booted

    thank u
    ========================== disk info ========
    Disk 1
    Kmain (C:) (primary)17.98 gig NTSF Kmain2 (primary - hidden)16.49 gb

    Disk 2
    Smain (primary-hidden)14.906 gb unused 2 gb BackupZ 95.52gb NTSF hidden ACRONIZ SZ 35.67gb fat32

    Disk 3
    Xtra (D:) (primary) 151.8G FUN (E:) 160.3 GB Video (F:) 284.2 GB NTSF

    OSSelector always sends me to Kamin as C:.. now looking at the partitions in PartitionExpert None are defined as the active partition although in (right click)->Advanced menu there is an item that says "Set Active" in the menuis of Kmain, Smain but not in the advanced menu of kmain2 why not.

    Im also having a problem in OSSelectors menu of tyring to define and change the selectable items entire thing seems overly compicated.I have used other selector/boot menus but dog im really having a problem understanding this one.

    thank u

    Ron Shaw
  2. LetzRoll

    LetzRoll Registered Member

    Aug 31, 2004
    Can't set kmain2 as "Active" while it is hidden. So unhide it and then the option to set it "Active" should be available. Also, its not a big deal to have multiple installs of XP visible at boot; works fine. That is a major reason to use OSSelector because it is unique in allowing that, as far as I know. Other boot managers I've used will not allow multiple installs to be visible, especially if they are on the same drive / partition. Don't know how OSSelector does with anything other than XP but I wouldn't try it with win2k. Unless I had a complete clone and lots of time to kill.
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