Organising HD partitions on a clean XP install

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by jag1967, Jan 29, 2005.

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  1. jag1967

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    Sep 17, 2003
    Hi All

    I'm getting a 250G hd to add to an existing 80G hd (my music collection is growing!) on my pc. With all the junk I've accumulated, planning to do a clean install of XP pro. I have a number of questions:

    1. What's would be a good/secure way of organising my hds and partitions - should I make the new 250g (seagate sata) hd the master, as opposed to the 80g (also seagate sata, around 1 yr old)?

    2. Is it beneficial to partition the master/primary as c: system; d: program files; e: data etc, or just c: system & progs; d: data.
    Or is there a better way of doing things? Should the second hd be used just as a backup?

    3. In relation to qu. 2, I would also plan to clone the drive for internal image backups, and rollbacks (using Raxco's FirstDefense). Does this affect how best the primary partitions should be organised?

    4. In terms of the install, it is necessary to have a separate Admin and Guest account, even if I'm the only user? And does this cause problems with security software like firewalls, AVs, PG and TDS-3, etc when updating signatures or switching b/w users?

    Sorry for all the questions & I hope they're clear. It would be nice to get things right before I commit myself.

Thread Status:
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