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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by The Snowman, Apr 21, 2003.

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  1. The Snowman

    The Snowman Guest

    Really feeling exhusted as I post this so please excuse if I don't reply until a couple of days of rest.

    I did alittle test after noticing others posting the number of files that their anti virus programs scanned......an my results have me baffled to understand. The numbers posted wont be exact......just in general to give you a fair idea of the issue that baffles me.

    Mcafee Office> scanned 3,600 files
    AVG free > scanned over 40,000 files
    BitDefender> scanned over 40.000 files


    all scanners set to scan ALL FILES......identical settings..
    but Mcafee shows a scan of only 3,600 files.......
    I've used Mcafee Office for years....never had a virus.....for the heck of it have double scanned with other anti virus programs....never experience a virus....have other means of detecting/preventing viruses......never had a virus.. thats not an issue..os super clean

    Why is Mcafee showing as scanning only 3,600 files is the question.......when scanning C drive o_O/
    I just used AVG free and BitDefender for this test then deleted them. I've never noticed the mention here of Mcafee Office....its provided fairly decent protection of my os...no complaints.....but very much wondering whats up with the numbers here.......thats one hugh differance
  2. Amerk_5

    Amerk_5 Guest

    It probably has to do with how it reports archive scanning (.zip, .rar, etc).

    Some AV programs report a scanned archive as one file where another AV program will report all the files in the archive as if it was scanning a nonarchived folder.
  3. The Snowman

    The Snowman Guest


    much appreciate your comment. My apology for not replieing sooner...in recovery mode from a serious health problem.
    what you said does make sense. For sure the entire os is scanned. so looks like this is just the way the mention program works/reports

  4. controler

    controler Guest

    Hey snowman

    good to hear you are doing better...

    Is Mc afee only scanning office files and not really all files.
    I am wondering why they call it office version?
    I haven't used Mc afee in a long time. I tried again about 6 months ago and still had some very serious system file problems.
  5. The Snowman

    The Snowman Guest


    Thank you for the good thoughts..much appreciated.

    McAfee is scanning all files no doubt about it....viewing the scanning process reveals this....plus the time factor...McAfee has one of the fastest engines.....an when scanning C drive it takes awhile....even zooming

    Why is it called the Office Version....to be honest I don't know. The Office version does have some very nice features....monitoring of java applets is exceptional..plus other features........Office version is the only version I would use...in fact, I have the regular version of McAfee on hard disc somewhere....never use it.
    the office version provides that lil extra for business needs..in hot spots it took the heat........
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