NTFS for Mac is corrupting my files!!!

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    Jan 30, 2014
    "NTFS10" file is damaged/corrupted!?

    Hello - since the new year I have experienced a strange and alarming problem - when I plug a NTFS-format Hard Drive into my Mac Pro and MacBook Pro, I find that random files (picture and video files) have been damaged or corrupted!!! This has occurred on a number of hard drives.

    I did a Disk Warrior scan of my Mac Pro and MacBook Pro and found some errors including this one:
    File: "NTFS10"! Detected that the resource header is damaged and cannot be repaired! Location: "Macintosh HD /Library/Application Support/Paragon Software/"!

    Any idea what would cause this file to be damaged and how to fix it? I have submitted several support requests with Paragon starting Jan 16 but haven't heard a thing!?? I am about ready to try Tuxera or NTFS-3G!
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