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Discussion in 'Acronis Disk Director Suite' started by ashrack, Dec 11, 2005.

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  1. ashrack

    ashrack Registered Member

    Nov 10, 2005
    Just got into a wonderfull world of linux. And to my dissapointment LINUX still doesn't support writting to NTFS volumes.
    So now I would like a way to change my 20GB NTFS partition into a FAT32 without loosing data. As I understand ACRONIS doesn't support this feature.
    What else could I do?
  2. Acronis Support

    Acronis Support Acronis Support Staff

    Apr 28, 2004
    Hello ashrack,

    Thank you for your interest in Acronis Partition and Disk Managing Software.

    You can try the following workaround using Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0:

    - Create Acronis Bootable Rescue Media using Tools->Bootable Media Builder option;
    - Boot from that media;
    - Create a new small FAT32 partition;
    - Merge NTFS partition to that FAT32 partition.

    Please also take a look at this thread. It describes the procedure in more details.

    If you have any further questions please feel free to ask.

    Thank you.
    Kirill Omelchenko
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