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Discussion in 'NOD32 Early v2 Beta' started by spm, Jan 19, 2003.

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  1. spm

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    Dec 9, 2002
    There seems to a problem under some circumstances with NOD32 v2 Beta's issuing of notification messages (either via e-mail or messenger) when a warning situation occurs.

    I am trying the NOD32 beta with our mail server (WorkGroupMail v7). To configure it for use with our server, what we need to do is:

    (1) turn off IMON (as it interferes with the correct operation of the mail server when a virus is found),
    (2) turn of AMON's scanning of files in the mail server's data folders (this is where the server maintains the data files for the messages), as this would also interfere if a virus is found, and
    (3) have our mail server call the NOD32 scanner via a command line interface to check files that the mail server specifies. If a virus is detected, NOD32 is asked to delete the file (via the /delete command-line switch), following which our mail server is aware of a virus detected. Our mail server then notifies our admin (me) that a virus has been detected.

    The NOD32 command-line switches we use are:

    /all /clean /delete /subdir- /sound+ /quit~

    This scheme works well, but I also want to have details of the virus caught by NOD32. For this purpose, I have configured NOD32 to send a notification via the messenger service. However, NOD32 fails to send a notification (when a virus is detected) when it is run by command-line by the mail server. This is also the case when I configure NOD2 to send an e-mail message notification instead of (or as well as) the messenger service notification.

    Now, if I run the NOD32 scanner via a command-line in a DOS box, the notifications are issued as expected. The only difference I can find is that our mail server runs the NOD32 scanner in a hidden window. Is there, therefore, a command-line switch which we can use to force NOD32 to send the notification even when it is run in a hidden window? if not, can NOD32 be fixed to always send the notification?

    PS: I don't know if the same behaviour is exhibited bu NOD32 v1, because it seems that v1 ignores the /delete switch anyway, so we can't use v1 at all.
Thread Status:
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