Notepad3 – a light-weight notepad replacement with syntax highlighing

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  1. mood

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    Oct 27, 2012
    notepad3_1.png notepad3_2.png notepad3_3.png notepad3_4.png
    Notepad3 5.20.722.1 (22 July 2020)
    Website (GitHub)
    Changes compared to Flo's official Notepad2 (made in Notepad2-mod):
    • Code folding
    • Support for bookmarks
    • Option to mark all occurrences of a word
    • Updated Scintilla component
    • Word auto-completion
    • Syntax highlighting support for AutoHotkey (AHK), AutoIt3, AviSynth, Bash, CMake, CoffeeScript, Inno Setup, LaTeX, Lua, Markdown, NSIS, Ruby, Tcl, YAML and VHDL scripts.
    • Improved support for NFO ANSI art
    • Other various minor changes and tweaks
    Changes compared to the Notepad2-mod fork:
    • Additional syntax highlighting support for Awk, D, golang, MATLAB
    • State of the art Regular Expression search engine (Onigmu)
    • New toolbar icons based on Yusuke Kamiyaman's Fugue Icons (Purchased by Rizonesoft)
    • Hyperlink Hotspot highlighting (single click Open in Browser (Ctrl) / Load in Editor (Alt)
    • Syntax highlighting support for D Source Script, Go Source Script, JSON, Makefiles, MATLAB, Nim Source Code, Power Shell Script, Resource Script, Shell Script.
    • New program icon and other small cosmetic changes
    • In-App support for AES-256 Rijndael encryption/decryption of files (incl. external commandline tool for batch processing)
    • Virtual Space rectangular selection box (Alt-Key down)
    • High-DPI awareness, including high definition toolbar icons
    • Undo/Redo preserves selection
    • File History preserves Caret position (optional) and remembers encoding of file
    • Accelerated word navigation
    • Preserve caret position of items in file history
    • Count occurrences of a marked selection or word
    • Count and Mark occurrences of matching search/find expression
    • Visual Studio style copy/paste current line (no selection)
    • Insert GUIDs
    • Dropped support for Windows XP version
    • Other various minor changes, tweaks and bugfixes
  2. mood

    mood Updates Team

    Oct 27, 2012
    Notepad3 is an advanced text editor that supports many programming languages
    August 11, 2020
  3. Brummelchen

    Brummelchen Registered Member

    Jan 3, 2009
    Good to read that notepad2 has a sequel. Anyhow, it ever had to compete with notepad++
  4. mood

    mood Updates Team

    Oct 27, 2012
    Notepad3 5.20.915.1 Released (15 September 2020)
    Website (GitHub)
    Latest Changelog
    Version 5.20.915.1 (15 September 2020) Changes
    • Allow colon (:) as alternate divide operator to calculate TinyExpr.
    • grepWinNP3: default extension on saving search result list.
    • Focused-View: mode Fold-Only.
    • Mark Occurrences: show additional Bookmark (Arrows).
    • Bookmark context menu: clear marker type.
    • FocusedView Options: Bookmarks/Line-Highlight & Folding.
    • Bookmark margin context menu.
    • 1st version of Occurrences Bookmarks on Focused-View.
    • Controls to clear history (file and find/replace).
    • Using dialog RTL option for Main window too.
    • Right-to-left (RTL) title/frame layout for some dialogs.
    • Edit Right-To-Left (RTL) mode (works only in GDI device context (DC)).
    • Extended context menu (margin commands, file explorer).
    • Context-Menu to toggle margins.
    • Color-Definition Hotspots: support RGB+A (default), A+RGB and BGRA.
    • Configuration for “Search in Files” toolbar label.
    • Configuration ([Settings2]LargeIconScalePrecent) percent to switch to bigger file types icons.
    • DPI-Aware treeview/listview lexer type icons.
    • New string “Calculate Tiny-Expressions”.
    • ARM64_Build branch (Xperimental).
    • F/R Dialog: toggle “Esc Ctrl Chr”, try reverse operation if no length change
    • Bad design: F/R dialog: remove auto Esc Ctrl Chr (changed to manual explicit).
    • Open Recent File: Rename the Cancel button to Close button.
    • grepWinNP3: alpha transparency on losing focus.
    • Rearange and review “File Encoding” menu to clarify behavior.
    • Default for file-encoding-tag parsing -> OFF.
    • Swap file-encoding-tag parsing priority (encoding <-> coding).
    • Revert Initial Font-Size based on DeviceCaps.
    • Initial Font Size based on DeviceCaps (=> FullHD unchanged).
    • grepWinNP3: Export search result list (NP3 enhancements).
    • Delete Bookmarks (Alt+F2): 1st delete occurrence markers then std. bookmarks.
    • Remove max count limitation for “Mark Occurrences” feature.
    • Bookmark context menu on alpha-blend FocusedView marker line.
    • Convenient message box text for normalizing EOLs.
    • grepWinNP3 and minipath: special dialog box UI fonts for Asian languages.
    • Use optimized Asian UI fonts for Notepad3 dialog boxes.
    • Focused View: scroll to current position on each toggle.
    • grepWinNP3: add OS architecture (x64) – AboutBox (GRE).
    • Replace “64-bit”/”BETA” by “x64″/”beta” to shorter the version name.
    • Title font change DPI-Awareness for About and Customize Schemes dialog.
    • Resample scaling of info-box icons on DPI change.
    • Revert System’s Message box for “save confirmation” (if message beeps are allowed).
    • High Quality Bitmap resampling method (Rizonesoft Bitmap).
    • DPI-Aware About & Custom.Scheme dialog.
    • Swap Shortcuts: “Search in Files” -> “Ctrl+Shift+F” and Toggle Folds -> “Ctrl+Alt+F”.
    • Review document modified handler (dirty-flag).
    • Update grepWinNP3 (GRE) version (2020-08-25).
    • Update Oniguruma Regex (ONI) engine version 6.9.6 (2020-07-31).
    • Update Scintilla Library (SCI) version 4.4.4 (2020-08-18).
    • TinyExpr: crash on rectangular selection.
    • TinyExpr: enable CP1252 operators ‘×'(mul) and ‘÷'(div).
    • TinyExpr: ignoring currency chars (“$€¢£¥”) in expressions.
    • TinyExpr: “=?” result not taken into account.
    • TinyExpr: inline evaluation on active option only.
    • TinyExpr: allow rh equal and questionmark.
    • TinyExpr: newline after evaluation by ‘=’.
    • Allow RETURN / ENTER after equal sign (=) to calculate TinyExpr.
    • SubMenu active marker (Occurrences Indicator Options).
    • Delete marker of (comletely) deleted lines.
    • Initial state of “Focus View” button in F/R-Dlg.
    • Buffer size calculation.
    • Running out of occurrences bookmarks.
    • Crash caused by buffer overflow.
    • Recent File List (File History): Disable OK/Remove on empty list.
    • Enhanced internal icon/bitmap handling.
    • Remove needless function.
    • F/R Dialog: Auto-Esc-Chars handling.
    • F/R Dialog: Clear F/R History – remove entries from .ini-file too.
    • Buffer to small in case of auto-esc ctrl-chars in find/replace edit-control.
    • Wrong Focused-View Mode shown in menu.
    • Try to fix (hardly reproducible) “copy Hyperlink issue (#2202).
    • Regression: initial calculation of Print-Zoom factor.
    • Not intended bookmarker on F/R dialog mark findings.
    • Bookmark Occurrences too menu checked.
    • Scroll to cursor for selection start/end jumps.
    • Not intended “violet” bookmark.
    • Context menu procedures for Occurrences Bookmarks on Focused-View.
    • Single click in status bar’s EOL segment will ask for consistent line-end change.
    • Find any next/prev. bookmark (std or word).
    • Scintilla bug fixes: SCICALL attribute (SCI).
    • Reload language resource for about-box on init (maybe language changed).
    • DPI Awarenes of window positions (default, sticky, …).
    • Center dialo in parent (if parent is minimized).
    • Fix copy search for & path to (only one) existing instance (GRE).
    • “grepWinNP3”: fix invalid searchPath Ballon-Tip handling (GRE).
    • [Settings2] filebrowser.exe=explorer.exe.
    • Text contrast on hover color hotspot.
    • Set preferred language to internal, on “not available confirmation dialog” is enabled.
    • Center system’s MessageBox in parent window.
    • Relative calculation of title font size for AboutBox and CS dialog.
    • Unicode Point detection and enhanced Color Tag contrast on hoover.
    • DPI-Awareness of “Customize Schemes…” dialog icon eye sugar.
    • DateTime and Timestamp handling.
    • No read-only file attribute if removed externally.
    • Some more DPI-Awareness issues.
    • Ensure selection visible (scroll to current position).
    • Extend selection to next find (Ctrl+Alt+F2).
    • DPI-Awareness of About-Dlg (especially RichEdit-Ctrl).
    • Non case sensitive style attribute search (find file extensions non case sensitive).
    • Notepad3 should save (no ask) & exit on Shift+ESC Hotkey.
    • Clear selection by ESC should not populate undo/redo stack.
    • No document modified flag on forced re-decode file (recode) w/ other encoding.

    EASTER Registered Member

    Jul 28, 2007
    U.S.A. (South)
    Thanks :thumb:
  6. mood

    mood Updates Team

    Oct 27, 2012
    Notepad3 is also able to calculate :geek:
    After marking it, the result can be seen in the statusbar ("Eval")
    notepad3_calculate_1.png notepad3_calculate_2.png
  7. hayc59

    hayc59 Updates Team

    Feb 9, 2002
    thank you
  8. mood

    mood Updates Team

    Oct 27, 2012
    If "Calculate Tiny-Expression"" is enabled, the result will be automatically inserted into the editor.

    Type the equation, an equal sign and then "Enter" or "?".
  9. mood

    mood Updates Team

    Oct 27, 2012
    Notepad3 5.21.905.1 Released (5 September 2021)
    Website (GitHub)
    Latest Changelog
    Version 5.21.905.1 (5 September 2021) Changes
    • Add Configuration (Properties) Lexer: add style setting for Key (of Key-Value pair).
    • Add “Notepad3 Replacement” on Windows 11 Insider Preview which works almost like with Windows 10:
      • Open (ext: .inf, .ini, .log, .ps1, .psd1, .psm1, .scp, .txt, .wtx, .compositefont, .css, .sct, .wsc).
      • Edit (ext: .bat, .cmd, .jse, .reg, .text, .vbe, .wsf).
    • Configure other application to open hyperlink (instead of default browser).
    • File URL forced to open in new window by (Ctrl+Alt+Click).
    • File change notification, if removed current file is recreated.
    • Allow definition of line number for file:/// URL (separator is ‘:’ ).
    • File change notification Dlg: add “Indicator (silent) option.
    • Configurable File on disk Change/Deleted indicators for title bar.
    • “grepWinNP3” (current grepWin dev) allow multiple search paths (GRE).
    • Add “KiXtart” lexer (new in Lexilla) (LEX).
    • Integrating style theme “Sombra” as factory default Dark-Mode theme.
    • Add “Julia” lexer (new in Lexilla) (LEX).
    • Base64 Encoding/Decoding.
    • Custom ChooseColor resource definition.
    • Prepare Application Manifest for to grant Identity for non-package desktop apps.
    • Add file/dir exists/not-found to hyperlink tooltip (if file-url).
    • Support Scintilla’s new feature: indicator stroke width.
    • TXT file for Translators to communicate Line Numbers of the “Added/Modified” strings.
    • Code Color for the “Change date” of the “Added/Modified” strings to translate”.
    • More intermediate font weight constants added.
    • Remove useless font stretch handling.
    • Add font weights retina(450), semi-light(350) and extra-black(950).
    • Line Comment Add/Remove commands, additional to existing Toggle.
    • Cut lines for rectangular and multi selection.
    • Use ‘Ctrl+’ key to force dropping files into new instance (Ctrl+ for new instance).
    • ScintillaWin horizontal mouse-wheel support.
    • Provide Mono-Language IDs.
    • Mono-Language compiler switch for MiniPath.
    • Compiler switch to allow Mono-language binary (no MUI DLL loading).
    • Exclusive Lock (write) Mode shown in windows title.
    • Menu item for excusive File Locking (write, shared read).
    • Decorator styling for Python files.
    • Exclusive File Lock option.
    • About Dlg: version info for split-off Lexilla component.
    • About Dlg: Copy-Ver-Info-Btn: add Dark-Mode information.
    • Some filesystem path vs. file:// URL helpers (backslash invert).
    • Converter: File-System Path to URL and vice versa.
    • Non themed app: edit-window frame visibility.
    • Current Lexilla dev (chg: HTML(PHP) Lexer) (LEX).
    • Scintilla Python generator methods for embeddable Python (SCI).
    • MUI base language definition moved to solution’s preprocessors (C/C++ & RC) defines.
    • Optimized default style handling for settings file (Dark Mode).
    • Adapted other Dark Mode Theme Files.
    • Default FileWatchingMode from “don’t care” to “notify by MsgBox”.
    • Adapted “Sombra” Dark Mode default color scheme.
    • Rename “KiX Config” to “KiXtart Script”.
    • Enable Dark Mode feature for Win11 v21H2 Insider beta.
    • Win10 Release-ID as string (allows 20H2 or 21H1).
    • Improved Julia Lexer (LEX).
    • Batch-Lexer + patching Markdown-Lexer (eolfilled header lines) (LEX).
    • Scheme-Dlg: dynamic (alloc) Style-Backup handling.
    • Update Lexilla Lib (bug fixes for Lexer: Markdown, Cmd/Batch) (LEX).
    • “grepWinNP3” based on current grepWin ver (boost v1.76 , upd: sktoolslib).
    • Add some more coding fonts to prefer over Consolas (if installed).
    • Linker: hardware-enforced stack-protection.
    • Canonicalize style section of .ini-settings.
    • Keep found initial common base default font in .ini.
    • Base64 Decoding: select source code-page for decoding.
    • Base64: default Encoding/Decoding based on current code-page
    • Color selection dialog: NP3 icon, positioning and dark-mode.
    • Adjust standard colors for URL Hyperlink (better standard dark-mode visual).
    • New default for hyperlink tooltip is OFF.
    • Immediate indicator hover response (colordef-hotspot, hyperlink-tooltip, hex-code-tooltip).
    • Code cleanup for Font and Style Selection.
    • Prefer “Cascadia Code” font over “Consolas” font for default if installed (ligatures).
    • Custom Font Selection Dialog.
    • Comment BockEdit shortcut changed (Ctl+Alt+Q => Alt+Shift+Q).
    • Comment has separate popup menu (Edit -> Selection).
    • Move some Lexer related functions to other module.
    • Enable compiler warnings level 4 and issue “Warnings as Errors” (for Lexilla, Scintilla, grepWinNP3).
    • Remove short-note from wrap around match tooltip.
    • Save bookmarks in file history in case of “Save as…”.
    • Minimize usage of deprecated LCID/LANGID for MiniPath.
    • Cpp-Lexer fix merged from Lexilla (5b92f7219a9fe9fb0ae4c5cc19f57c39185e4074.
    • Minimize usage of deprecated LCID/LANGID for Notepad3.
    • New size “4MB” for “FileLoadWarningMB=4” (Styling and Syntax Highlighting are switched off).
    • Configurable position offset on launching new instance.
    • Clarify menu item string (only one instance per file).
    • Drag-n-Drop: allow multiple files to drop.
    • Drag-n-Drop: replace current file (Ctrl+ for new instance).
    • Menu/shortcut: launch “New Empty Wnd” <-> “Duplicate Instance”.
    • Adapt to Scintilla v5.0.1 new translucent alpha color (marker).
    • C/C++ Lexer: styles and keywords (LEX).
    • Cleanup code: SplitUndoTransaction() on timeout resp. line-break.
    • Turning “Line Comment Block Edit” from option into command (Ctrl+Alt+Q).
    • Kotlin & Dart Lexer from Zufuliu’s source.
    • File Lock: exclusive write/change, shared read.
    • Style color for triple strings in Python Lexer.
    • Cleanup Lexilla component.
    • Using some more Scintilla direct call methods instead of SendMessage() thread independent calls. (SCI).
    • Refactoring for splitting Lexilla from Scintilla (SCI).
    • Renaming Spanish Mexican to Spanish Latin America (es-419) (MUI).
    • More liberal Hyperlink scanner (no need for validation here!).
    • RegEx API: return matched pattern length too.
    • Prevent Path to URL conversion, if Hyperlink RegEx pattern does not match.
    • Enable Dark Mode feature for Win10 v21H1 insider beta.
    • EOL-Mode: status-bar double-click: inverted cyclic change rotation CRLF -> LF -> CR.
    CHANGES Versions in Tools or Libraries:
    • Update grepWinNP3 (GRE) version (2021-07-26).
    • Update Oniguruma Regex (ONI) engine version 7.0.0 (2021-06-23).
    • Update Lexilla Library (LEX) version 5.1.2 (2021-07-26).
    • Update Scintilla Library (SCI) version 5.1.1 (2021-07-26).
    • Broken relative paths in file history selection.
    • Open color selection on Ctrl+Left mouse click on color indicator too.
    • Change cursor hand on Ctrl key-Up.
    • Broken “scroll undo/redo history via mouse (RMB+WHEEL)” feature.
    • Don’t jump on initial F/R Dialog on empty clipboard.
    • Cursor hand on ctrl-keydown hover hyperlink.
    • Show hand cursor on hyperlink after dwell time (if ctrl key pressed).
    • Caret change to hand over hyperlink only if ctrl is pressed.
    • Some minor corrections on visual appearance.
    • Sync status bar font size on system font size change.
    • Restore previous window position while DPI scaling changed meanwhile.
    • Missing .ini must not have an assertion failure, allowed case here.
    • Specify “/utf-8” compiler option for “Scintilla, Lexilla and grepWinNP3” projects.
    • “grepWinNP3” project: post build step – xcopy .lang files to desired build output dir (GRE).
    • Remove obsolete (by SCI Lib v5.1.1) settings.
    • Size of visible whitespace style.
    • Workaround for additional selection typing.
    • RegEx line begin pattern stuck after zero-length replacement.
    • Launching file URL (Alt+Click) with respect to flags “Reuse Window” and “Only one Instance per File”.
    • File URL tooltip.
    • Config version dependent “FileWatchingMode” settings value.
    • File change notification in Title Bar.
    • Trigger reset file changed on disc flag.
    • Remove multiple file Notification, if current file has been deleted.
    • F/R-Dlg: show match while typing protected characters.
    • Fixing “infinite” loop in Markdown Lexer.
    • Forced file ext written to scheme export.
    • File-ext writing to stxle .ini files only on export.
    • Distinguish Win10 vs. Win11 using build number (>=22000).
    • F/R Dialog regression: allow replace in selection (if selection not empty).
    • Correct handling of F/R dialog pattern combo-box dropdown list.
    • Minor fixes Markdown-Lexer.
    • Go to doc begin after global indentation change.
    • Minor enhancements for selection scroll to view.
    • Optimized handling of multi-step undo/redo notifications.
    • Slow line-break toggle.
    • TinyExpr: expr need not start with blank.
    • TinyExpr: UTF-8 to ANSI-CP-1252 conversion should yield invalid characters instead of blank or currency.
    • Space-width, avgchar-width and tab-width calculation.
    • Scintilla missing recalculation of space width (to get correct tab width for indentation).
    • Revert to Scintilla std tabwidth calculation on font changes.
    • Preserve “2nd Common Base” styling state across restarts.
    • Default style settings should not be written to .ini-file.
    • Handling of “File Vars” vs. “Encoding Tags”.
    • Minor fixes around font redrawing.
    • Add thread COM initializations.
    • Adding DPI awareness to MiniPath (correct toolbar handling still open point).
    • minor corrections for customized font selection dialog (dark-mode and dpi-awareness).
    • DWRITE font allocation needs to, not font.face name (Scintilla fix).
    • Correcting regression for icon scaling.
    • Rendering of “Relaunch Elevated” menu icon.
    • Regression on schema color definition.
    • Another bug retrieving Font SIze for Common Default vs. Lexer Specific.
    • Bug retrieving Font SIze for Common Default vs. Lexer Specific.
    • Font Name handling retrieved from Common-Default vs. Lexer-Specific.
    • Copy multi-selection to clipboard: separate each match by line-break.
    • Apply provided Scintilla patch.
    • Stream comment for .AU3 files.
    • “grepWinNP3”: fix compiler warning Release Win32 (GRE).
    • Workaround Scintilla text-rendering bug, if line-number margin width set to 0 (so use 1 instead).
    • Save Schema config in case of inifile from scratch.
    • Small correction to Line Cut feature (thin selection).
    • Minipath uses NP3 preferred language, if not configured.
    • Compiling mono-language compiler switch version.
    • Std windows behavior for cascading new instances (if configured).
    • Sticky Window Flag on launching new instance.
    • Prevent duplicate instance, if setting does not allow.
    • Lazy styling (no need for SCN_STYLENEEDED).
    • Caret visibility on JumpTo() after file (re-)load.
    • FileWatching (file change notification) in some special cases.
    • Mark occurrences: no additional bookmarker -> use invisible marker instead of background marker.
    • New comment doc styling for C++ lexer (used for C#, RC, JS and Java too).
    • Center dialog in parent: for system dialog and if minimized (tray or taskbar).
    • Mark all Occurrences in case of reopened F/R dialog.
    • Center dialog in parent.
    • “grepWinNP3”: fix missing search flags (GRE).
    • TinyExpr regression inserting newline after equal sign.
    • Possible busy-loop in Kotlin and Dart Lexer.
    • Don’t keep window top-most after returning from full-screen mode (F11 toggle).
    • Compiler switch to allow mono language binary.
    • Read-Only-Attribute cooperating with Exclusive-Write-Lock.
    • Lexer “Python”: fixing Format-Strings (f-strings).
    • Regression with vertical slope definition.
    • Some regressions around external file change notification.
    • “grepWinNP3” Language-ID “[xx-YY]” exceeds 5 chars (e.g. [es-419]) (MUI).
    • Limit ChooseFont Dlg to CF_SCALABLEONLY for DirectWrite Technology.
    • Rectangular selection typing issue.
    • Replacing the “RCdll.dll” file to avoid garbage chars in foreign languages (MUI).
    • In “.zip” version, some filenames in “gwLng” folder are incorrectly displayed (MUI).
    • Language “Spanish Latin America” identifier correction (es-LA -> es-419) (MUI).
    • Hyperlink RegEx pattern fixed to use valid Unicode.
    • Handle quotes for URL <-> file-system path conversion.
    • “grepWinNP3”: hide progress bar after search finisched (GRE).
    • ShellExecute() lpVerb for open hyperlink (Ctrl+Click) set to “open.
    • Data type mismatch.
    • Decoding of url-encoded file Hyperlinks (“file://…”).
    • Open color selection on Alt+Left mouse click on color indicator.
    • Remove deprecated (no sensible use case) “overlapping find” option.
    • “fontsValid” extension (closer to default scintilla code base).
    • Remove useless font stretch handling.
    • Removing the font-style string for font selection.
    • Remove deprecated WinXP support (no horiz. mouse wheel).
    • Obsolete SCI_LEXER preproc symbol / no need to link lexers in Scintilla.
    • Afrikaans (af-ZA).
    • Belarusian (be-BY).
    • Chinese Simplified (zh-CN).
    • Chinese Traditional (zh-TW).
    • Dutch (nl-NL).
    • English (en-GB).
    • French (fr-FR).
    • German (de-DE).
    • Greek (el-GR).
    • Hindi (hi-IN)
    • Hungarian (hu-HU).
    • Indonesian (id-ID) (incomplete…).
    • Italian (it-IT).
    • Japanese (ja-JP).
    • Korean (ko-KR).
    • Polish (pl-PL).
    • Portuguese (pt-PT).
    • Portuguese Brazilian (pt-BR).
    • Russian (ru-RU).
    • Slovak (sk-SK).
    • Spanish (es-ES).
    • Spanish Latin America (es-419) (incomplete…).
    • Swedish (sv-SE).
    • Turkish (tr-TR) (incomplete…).
    • Vietnamese (vi-VN) (incomplete…).
  10. mood

    mood Updates Team

    Oct 27, 2012
    Notepad3 5.21.1129.1 Released (29 November 2021)
    Website (GitHub)
    Latest Changelog
    Version 5.21.1129.1 (29 November 2021) Changes

    • Switching to Philippe Lhoste’s (PhiLho) AutoHotkey (AHK) Lexer.
    • Migration of Solution/Projects/Src for VS2022.
    • Switch to Scintilla default idle styling mode (none).
    • Reverting changes to F/R behavior, correction for empty pattern.
    • On file restore, do not notify immediately, but check against stored file attributes.
    • Remove the max win version check for undocumented DarkMode UxTheme methods.
    • SQL Lexer bright and dark mode highlight color enhanced.
    • Disable actively file change polling – rely on directory change notification by default.
    • Allow [Settings2] “FileCheckInverval” to be zero(0), means no active file change polling.
    • Enable context menu for Statusbar.
    • Enable context menu for Menubar.
    • Use “round nearest displayed digit” method for estimated file size display.
    • Limit file size: 2GB (Until WideCharToMultiByte() / MultiByteToWideChar() INT32_MAX issues are clarified).
    CHANGES Versions in Tools or Libraries:

    • Correction of a typo for command “Gui” in AutoHotkey (AHK) Lexer.
    • Sync with current Oniguruma v7.0(ß) dev.
    • Some other findings on the positioning of multi-instance launch.
    • Relaunch multi instances: don’t cascade if pos param already defined.
    • Positioning on separate instance launch.
    • Positioning multi instance launch.
    • Don’t clear occurrence markers for unchanged search pattern.
    • Correction to VS2019 project settings.
    • Find/Repl wildcard pattern handling.
    • Find/Repl dialog – empty search string should have no match (blue).
    • Wrong format for reporting number of replaced occurrences “In Selection”.
    • “grepWinNP3” not intended switching file size search settings (GRE).
    • Key “Favorites=(path)” not added in “Setup” version.
    • “grepWinNP3” not intended switching “AllSize” settings (GRE).
    • Don’t save default values for Caret and Whitespace.
    • SQL Lexer dark mode highlight default colors.
    • Disabled menu items if settings file itself is locked by file change notification.
    • Over paint annoying menu-bar bottom line.
    • Dark-mode system menu bar coloring (except bottom line).
    • Correction of some wrong keyboard shortcut (Alt+ Up, Alt+ Down).
    • Translucency (alpha) settings for white-space indicator.
    • Dark mode aware auto-completion-list-box.
    • Goto-Dialog: digit grouping of line/column numbers.
    • Digit grouping for replace occurrences result dialog.
    • Better hyperlink style in dark themes “Dark” and “Obsidian”.
    • Initial factory window position.
    • Web-Action commands should use also user-defined app to open hyperlinks.
    • Reset background color for “visible whitespace” if not defined.
    • Remove deprecated “AutoReloadTimeout”.
    • Remove Old and deprecated Notepad3 and grepWin icons.
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