Norton Removal Tool 1.20.4

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    Norton Removal Tool 1.20.4

    SymNRT is a program that can remove some Norton software from your computer. SymNRT runs on Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.

    SymNRT should be used only if you have tried to uninstall the Norton program using Windows Add/Remove Programs and that did not work.

    Will SymNRT work for you?
    SymNRT will remove these--and only these--Norton programs:

    * Norton AntiVirus 2004/2005
    * Norton AntiVirus Professional 2004
    * Norton AntiVirus 3, 5 and 10 User Pack 2004/2005
    * Norton SystemWorks 2004/2004 Professional Edition
    * Norton SystemWorks 2005/2005 Premier edition
    * Norton Password Manager 2004
    * Norton Internet Security 2004/2005
    * Norton Internet Security 5 and 10 User Pack 2004/2005
    * Norton Personal Firewall 2004/2005
    * Norton AntiSpam 2004/2005
    * Ghost 2003 or Ghost Version 9.0

    If your program is not in this list, do not use SymNRT. It will not remove your program.
Thread Status:
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