Norton Personal Firewall 2002

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by Smokey, Apr 13, 2002.

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  1. Smokey

    Smokey Registered Member

    Apr 1, 2002
    Annie's Pub

    Hai girls and guys!

    In this firewall forum i read nothing about Norton Personal Firewall 2002, not a single word....

    Very strange!

    Maybe there are no complains, dirty words or bad experiences with that firewall??  :D

    Ciao, Smokey
  2. jvmorris

    jvmorris Registered Member

    Feb 9, 2002
    There are fundamentally two groups of people who use NIS/NPF.  

    First, there's a group of novice firewall users who either find it in the local computer store or end up with a free copy from their ISP (a habit that seems to be becoming more prevalent).  These are the 'set and forget' people, much like those who traditionally rely on the free version of Zone Alarm.  The questions (and complaints) of this group of users make their situation pretty obvious.  (And, in this instance, very few of these people have found the USENET security-related newsgroups, much less the UBB-based forums.)

    Then, there's a second (and much smaller) group of NIS/NPF users.  Some of these guys are old AtGuard users, whereas others are transitioning from the first group when they learn that you can peek and poke under the hood in NIS/NPF.  These guys are asking questions, for the most part, instead of flaming.  (True, a lot of the more experienced guys have gotten totally disgusted with the user interface in NIS/NPF, especially as it developed in NIS 3.0+ .)  

    So, the first group doesn't post (for the most part) until they get exasperated and the second group asks questions (much like what you find in the Kerio/TPF forum at DSL Reports these days).  

    You'll find some NIS/NPF questions in the USENET NNTP newsgroup.  You'll also find some at GRC's forum from time to time.  However, I think the majority of NIS/NPF users that post frequently are now to be found at DSLR's Security Forum.  That's a pretty mellow group (and besides, we can filch rules from gwion's Tiny/Kerio forum at DSLR!  ;) )

    There's pretty much a 'live and let live' attitude in the DSLR Security Forum.  You don't find a lot of 'my firewall can beat up your firewall' postings.  For that matter, you often find people that use one vendor's firewall making suggestions that might be useful to others using other vendors' products.  Actually, DSLR Security contains some of the best answers I've ever seen to the eternal "What's the Best Firewall?" question.
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