Norton Ghost 2003 Update 2; May 30 2003

Discussion in 'backup, imaging & disk mgmt' started by FanJ, Jun 22, 2003.

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    Look at your readme.txt file.
    If you installed Ghost at the default location, you'll find it here:
    C:\Program Files\Symantec\Norton Ghost 2003\readme.txt
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    Quotes from that readme file:

    1. List of changes in Norton Ghost 2003 Update 2:

    This section lists the issues that have been addressed in Update 2
    version of Norton Ghost 2003.

    Starting from Norton Ghost CD 2003 and accessing external devices
    You can start Norton Ghost 2003 from the product CD and access
    external devices.

    Multiple USB2 controllers
    If you have installed Norton Ghost 2003 on a computer with
    multiple USB2 controllers, you can create or restore an image to
    an external USB2 device from any of the USB2 controllers.

    Restoring to external Maxtor USB or FireWire hard drive
    If Norton Ghost 2003 is installed, you can create or restore
    an image to an external Maxtor USB or Firewire hard drive.

    Restoring from Ricoh MP525A using USB2 interface
    You can now restore an image from a Ricoh MP525A connected to the
    computer using a USB2 interface.

    Intel ICH5 chipsets supported
    The Norton Ghost 2003 dos applications, e.g. ghost.exe, now work
    on computer systems which have the latest Intel ICH5 chipsets.

    Linux Lilo improvements
    This update will now support secondary loaders which span track
    boundaries and a kernel image greater than 1024+48 kb on 4096 byte
    filesystem. Please note the Lilo comments in the known issues
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    The version of GhostStart.exe is now: 2003.789
  5. FanJ

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