Nonsensical Status Screen During Boot Mode Partition Move/Resize

Discussion in 'Paragon Partition Manager Product Line' started by lumacraft, Dec 27, 2010.

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    Dec 27, 2010
    I am unable to reply to the thread started by poster Likort here, because the forum system says that that thread is too old. Unfortunately the issues that Likort raised in it are still fresh ones.

    With regard to the status screen that is displayed by Paragon Partition Manager when a partition is moved/resized in boot mode, here is what I have observed during the job that I am now running:

    a- The "suboperation progress" bar remains blank and does not update.

    b- The "move partition" progress bar slowly updated for about 30 minutes, now appears to be more than 95% filled, and has remained static for more than 30 minutes since.

    c- The "Time to Finish" counter gradually lengthened for the first 30 minutes or so, and since has been fluctuating wildly, from around 18 minutes to more than 22 hours. Within the space of a minute spent watching it, the "Time to Finish" figure may change from 2 times to 10 times, between such wide extremes.

    d- The "Read" count, a measurement with units of measure labelled GB, is extremely puzzling. It appears to show that only 29 GB of my roughly 500GB partition has been read in an hour. Frankly, the only aspect of this counter that makes any sense to me whatsoever is the possible explanation of the behaviour offered by Likort.

    Surely more helpful information can be displayed on this screen than this. I appreciate that calculating the time remaining and data remaining counters may involve factors that make the estimates difficult to predict. Even so, why not indicate that uncertainty on the screen in some comprehensible manner? Again, Likort offered some excellent suggestions along these lines.

    Showing figures that make no apparent sense, and showing fluctuations in those figures that are so great as to defy easy understanding, are obviously poor ways of illustrating the uncertainties. In fact, if I were a less cautious or less experienced user, I might be tempted to abort the partition resize/move process and unwittingly suffer data loss, if I were to infer from the confusing status presentation that, since only 29 GB of a ~500 GB partition have been moved in an hour, I may have to wait more than 15 hours for the process to complete .. or is it 22 hours? .. and had not expected to have to wait so long. With all respect, the status display that I am seeing is worse than confusing. It is dangerously confusing.

    Tommy responded to Likort's post in April 2010 saying that Likort's observations would be reported to the developers. I am using Hard Disk Manager Suite 2010 build released 22-10-2010, and the behaviour that I am seeing with it seems no different the previous version's behaviour as described by Likort.

    Has this issue now been studied by the developers? When will a fix be released?
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