Nod32 V. 2.7 failed uninstall made successful

Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by obbop, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. obbop

    obbop Registered Member

    Jun 10, 2005

    I did a semi-comprehensive search seeking tips on fully uninstalling a partial uninstall of V. 2.7 Nod32 anti-virus program thingy.

    For the proverbial record, I am far from a tech. and am so very grateful for GUI.

    Anyway, tried some tips found during the search; deleted some registry entries etc. but part of the program remained and was unable to delete all of the goodies in the ESET folder on the hard drive, part of the program was still running.

    Went to the Eset site to try the reinstall then try uninstall again but my license is expired ( a few days ago) so was unable to download and I wanted to download the 2.7 version to resume the previous program to assist in a successful uninstall. Didn't want to make things worse by updating with the newest version over the old version.

    Sent an e-mail to Eset seeking assistance.

    After doing that I remembered the XP "roll back" program.

    Hmmmmmm..... can't hurt to try!!!!!

    Rolled XP back to a week or so before Nod32 expired and my paid-for period was over.

    By golly.... was able to go to the Control Panel to the remove programs area and.... voila'... that did it!!!!!

    Using task manager I saw no evidence of Nod32 running and I was able to delete the ESET folder from the hard drive without that pop-up message saying such-and-such was in use and deletion denied.


    Quick and easy.

    Likely not a solution for one with many computers running such as IT folks on the job.

    But, as a home user with but one computer.... well, I had to re-update FireFox but I believe that and Nod32 were all that was affected by the roll-back.

    If this method for attempting a successful unnstall after a failed attempt has already been posted feel free to delete this message... I may have simply failed to see this method or did not go back far enough in the threads to find it.
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