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Discussion in 'ESET NOD32 Antivirus' started by cmonies, Mar 26, 2011.

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  1. cmonies

    cmonies Registered Member

    Mar 26, 2011
    Replacing our antivirus with NOD32. When NOD32 is installed on our GroupWise server and the machine is re-booted, the POA shows a status of starting, we do not have any option to stop the service or re-start as they are not available while the status is showing as starting. When I un-install NOD32 and re-start the machine the POA starts successfully and clients can successfully login to their email. FYI, the POA service is set to automatic. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. MattJN

    MattJN Former ESET Support Rep

    Feb 19, 2010

    Thank you for your post. I just wanted to be sure you were using our recommended settings as well as Microsoft's on this server.

    Also, if you open the properties of the service that won't start, look at the actual file name and the path, you can add an exclusion in NOD32 to not scan it. See if that helps.

    Additionally, I'd like to make sure you're not using GWAVA - GroupWise Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam along with NOD32.


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