Nod32 AV beta2 v. and MS Office Outlook 2003

Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security v3 Beta Forum' started by Gas, Sep 22, 2007.

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  1. Gas

    Gas Registered Member

    May 23, 2007
    Installed Eset's Nod32 (Antivirus beta2) v. after I uninstalled v.2.70.39 (licensed version),
    I was asked to unistall v.2.7 during beta's installation.

    My O/S is Win Vista (Business) and my e-mail client Microsoft Office Outlook 2003.

    So far so good
    Nod 32 (AV) runs just fine, :)
    scans a lot faster than the previous version

    no problems while browsing in either IE7, FF or Opera 9.5 ,

    no problems while downloading,

    I can send and receive e-mails just fine


    when I try to test my e-mail client (that is) send an e-mail to myself,
    it get's "stuck" in the Outbox folder and it would not move (except if I delete it).o_O Why??

    This doesn't happen if I use Windows mail.

    Excellent s/w keep up the good work.:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:


    Definitely a Nod32 problem.
    I went to Setup---> Email protection --->and unchecked the Send mail box.

    This is a glitch only with Nod32 AV (v.3), Win Vista and MS Office Outlook 2003.
    I tested Nod32 AV (v.3)in Win XP and MS Office Outlook 2003 works just fine.

    Searching the problem I came across this
    but I could not fix it since Nod32 blanked out (made unusable) Work With Headers, and Download Headers.

    Trying to build a good and all in one security tool is a tremendous task :doubt: and I only hope that along the way the excellent (antivirus tool) does not disappear o_O

    More Feedback

    As the people at where getting ready to help (really nice of them) :) I managed to fix the problem.
    In Nod32 Antivirus Setup Main column (on the left) in Email protection ->Microsoft Outlook,I went to the right column below Email Protection and in the "Action to take on specific email type", all I did was check and un -check the "Scan plain text email body" box.

    Thank you Mr J.M:thumb:
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2007
  2. cookie1977

    cookie1977 Registered Member

    Sep 2, 2007
    This still hasnt fixed it for me. I mean it works but once i restart the computer the problem is still there and i've to repeat the process. It's driving me crazy. Any other solutions? Please Help
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