Ninemsn phishing scam

Discussion in 'other security issues & news' started by Down_Under, Nov 24, 2004.

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    ninemsn has warned its users not to respond to an email which asks users of the portal to update their accounts. The mail is one of the regular phishing scams.

    The email claims that as there have been many reports of "fraud (sic) activity regarding stolen account information and stolen identities" ninemsn "requires a full update on your records matching our database information to suit the future prolongation (sic) of account billing."

    ninemsn spokesperson Ngaire Moyes said the email did not come from ninemsn locally or MSN globally.

    "ninemsn and MSN always require customers (without exception) to log in to a .NET Passport in the first instance to verify their log on information to MSN and verify to the customer that they are in a genuine, secure MSN site," she said.

    "We would like to warn people to be aware of this internet scam and others like it. Those with concerns about the legitimacy of any message purporting to come from MSN or ninemsn should contact ninemsn customer service," Moyes said.

    The link to which the email sends people is

    In anothe phishing attempt earlier this month, an email sent to ninemsn users claimed that following improvements made to the service, users could join a competition to try and win $US10,000 in cash. It asked members to log in to their accounts or sign up for a fresh ninemsn account to be in the running for the prize.
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    And unfortunately they will keep sucking people into these scams each and every day. I have been asked many times by family and friends about emails from “Microsoft”. To which my reply is, so how exactly did “Microsoft” get your email address?

    Cheers :D
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